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  1. Hey guys,

    So for a while now I have been searching for my quiver killer fun ski that can hard charge whether it be playing under the lift line, steeps, bowls, crud, powder, trees and awesome natural hits including cliffs. I need to be able to hold on sketchy variable terrain but with that fun poppy, slashy feel. Im not throwing any tricks or hitting butters though, would this be the right option for me or should I get something burlier? If it helps Im only 5,9 and 140 lbs, I ski whistler if that helps

    • The Metal would be fine for what you’re talking about, it’s not incredibly playful, but it is fun to pop and slash on, and especially at your size, the Metal should be plenty of ski.

    • I haven’t found it to be incredibly sensitive to mount point. I’d move it up a little if you’re used to skiing more center mounted skis, but it’s not a totally different ski at -5 than it is at -3. It’s a little more balanced, but otherwise feels very similar.

  2. Hey Cy,

    Have you or any of the guys had time on the 18/19 Moment Commander 108 yet? There are ZERO reviews out there right now. Curious if it slots in closer to the more demanding Cochise/Dictator 3.0 or a little more nimble. The radius looks suprisingly tight given its width (21m @188CM)

  3. Hey CY,

    How would you say The Metals compare to the Salomon QST 106 and the DPS Wailer A106? I tried the QSTs last week and loved how stable they felt while still being relatively playful. Would The Metal be something similar? I asked a customer service guy on J Skis website and he said that the Metals should be more playful than the QSTs due to having less metal in them, but the weight suggests otherwise. Please let me know!

    Thanks a lot

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