2nd Look: MOMENT Bella

The Bella was extremely responsive and allowed me to make tight-radius turns with ease. Testing how far I could push the Bella, I continually increased my speed and tightened the radius of my turns. They didn’t disappoint. The Bella transitioned smoothly from edge to edge as I worked the ski down groomers.

Similar to Julia’s experience, though, I found that the ski was a bit unstable when I tried to make larger turns. The Bella performed best on groomers when making small- to medium-size turns.

The MOMENT Bella is a great all-mountain ski, and the mustache profile allows it to perform well in powder and rip on hard pack. Though the Bella didn’t float as effortlessly as the Element, I found that it outshone its Black Diamond competitor in tight areas on the mountain.

Moment Bella Mustache Profile, Blister Gear Review
Moment Bella Mustache Profile.

Of the skis that I’ve tested, I think the Bella’s greatest competitor is the Volkl Kiku. Both are designed for aggressive women and perform exceptionally on groomers and in powder, but if you’re looking for an all-mountain ski to charge down groomers and big-lines, I would recommend the Kiku. If, however, you are looking for a more forgiving ski than the Kiku, I would recommend that Bella.

Bottom line, the Bella, which is coming back unchanged for 12/13, except for the graphics, is a fairly stiff yet extremely playful ski that will be sure to impress aggressive women looking for a well-made all-mountain ski.

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  1. I am a rapidly advancing skier going from blue-black to black.
    I am 5’1″ and 145, very strong weightlifter. I learn quickly, am instinctive and more and more aggressive. I was impressed with Line Pandora reviews. But really impressed with PB&J for PNW skiing. Would the Bella be a better fit? I’m curious about Wailer Yvette 112RP and anina 99. I want a stiffer but playful and forgiving ski that isn’t so floppy. The trees here are tighter so longer turns aren’t a big deal. I’m so small anyway. LOL.

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

  2. Hi Heather,
    For the skis that you listed in your comment, the Bellas are the only ones that I have tested (though I’m also extremely curious how the Yvette 112RP performs). The Bella is definitely not the stiffest ski on the market for women right now, but if you are also looking for a playful element then you won’t want the stiffest ski. It really depends on where you will be taking these skis and what conditions you want them to excel in. The MOMENT Bella is a relatively poppy ski and is a lot of fun in the trees, bumps, or just ripping short-radius turns on corduroy. Since it is 106 underfoot, I wouldn’t recommend it as your solo powder ski, however if you’re looking for an all-mountain ski that can hold its own in powder then the Bella could be the perfect ski. Comparatively, after talking to Julia about the Pandora, I have the impression that it is a much better powder ski than the Bella. I think both skis are well-designed and have a great balance of stiffness and playfulness, so it really depends on where you think you’ll be skiing the most and if you’re looking for a well-rounded ski or more powder-specific ski.

    I hope I was able to clarify a few things and don’t hesitate to ask any other questions!

  3. Thanks for the tip. I went for the 2012 Pandora in a 152 that I managed to find for a steal. It pays to be short sometimes. I wanted the increased edge it provides as it doesn’t have the tail rocker that the Bella has. I also felt the width to be a better choice over the narrower Bella. Found tons of reviews on the Pandora from happy riders. I’m anxious to try it.

    Just a few other questions though. What the heck does a DIN number mean on the bindings? How do you know best position (centered, +1, -1, etc).? Lastly, how do you get into doing demos for skis? It sounds insanely fun.

  4. Hey Morgan,

    Do you think these skis would do well for touring – or would they be too heavy? I’d mount them with Marker F12s.

  5. Hi there,

    Just mirroring Jennas comment. Would these skis be good for short tours – side country, small backcountyr hikes


  6. Heather and Flo,

    The Moment Bella is not built as a touring-specific ski; it carries some weight, however it is not an extremely heavy ski. The DPS Yvette would be a more ideal touring ski. It has a similar build to the Bella (camber underfoot and rocker in the tip and tail) but is lighter and has a slightly wider waist (112 underfoot). The Bella would be a nice option for side-country and small backcountry hikes, however, because though it is heavier than the full carbon Yvette, it is still fairly lightweight and manageable for short tours.

  7. Hi I am looking at the Bella for my wife…she has a 162 but needs a longer Powder Ski for this upcoming year so a 172cm Bella or looking at Atomic Century 109 in a 175cm…she is 46,adv skier,5’4,135lb…PNW and Utah skiing…mostly PNW. I can find the Century 109’s ( older ones 14/15 I think same ski just graffics ) for $349 the Bella’s are $569.

    Thanks Ladies,

    Guy :)

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