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    • For sure. By neutral stance I mean that my weight is evenly distributed between the balls and heels of my feet, and that my center of gravity is directly over the middle of my foot.

  1. Hi!
    I’m a 210 ponds, 6 feet advanced skier and I’m wondering if I should go with the 185 or the 177 as they run long… I want them for skiing mostly in the north east ( lets say Jay Peak) the day after the storm on groomed, mogul field and tight trees…Any advice?

  2. Thank you (Brett and Jonathan) so much for your thoughtful, detailed and lucid comments on the El Capo. This was very influential in my decision to purchase these skis and i’ve enjoyed evey run down the slopes of Vail and Beaver Creek.
    There are many reviews of the El Capo, with an almost universal conclusion of ‘big and burly’. They all got it wrong. You guys got it right. Thank you!

  3. How do these compare with the Helldorado (which I own and love) ? I can get these for a steal and would love to have another mid-fat to switch out with the Helldo’s

  4. Hey, I was wondering if you or Jonathan have any experience on the Vagabond? I’m wondering how the El Capo compares to the Vagabond and which ski excels in different areas Specifically on groomers, in crud and in powder. Thanks!

  5. I have to say you guys are wrong about this ski at least from the way I have found them – they are great. I think too that Brett may have liked them more than he was saying. I really like them – maybe I was just lucky about the way I ski.

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