7mesh Women’s Synergy Jersey

Tasha Heilweil reviews the 7mesh Synergy jersey for Blister Gear Review.
7mesh Synergy Jersey

7mesh Women’s Synergy Jersey

Size: Small


  • Front:WINDSTOPPER® Softshell 174P
  • Back: Omega 160P Knit

Stated Features

  • Hybrid Fabric Construction
  • 30mm Gripper Elastic Hem
  • 3 Rear Pockets
  • 2 Zippered Side Pockets with Headphone Ports
  • Collar Headphone Loops
  • Reflective Details

Stated Weight: 198 grams

MSRP: $200

Test Location: Colorado Springs and Fruita, Colorado

Test Duration: 10 rides

Reviewer: 5’2″, 125 lbs


7mesh designed the Synergy jersey to work well across a broad range of conditions that may change mid-ride. A softshell Windstopper material provides wind and water protection in the chest and front of the arms, and a knit material provides extra breathability and wicking in the back, making the Synergy robust enough to ward off inclement weather without overheating during high-intensity rides.


My size Small Synergy is very form fitting, with just enough room to be functional and comfortable. It is baggier than pro-fit race jerseys, but tighter than the typical long-sleeve jersey I wear on trail rides.

Tasha Heilweil reviews the 7mesh Synergy jersey for Blister Gear Review.
Tasha Heilweil in the 7mesh Synergy Jersey, Fruita, CO.

The drop hem in the back provides adequate coverage, but the hem in the front is a bit short. I am only 5’2” with a proportional torso, and I find myself wanting a bit more length here, so taller riders will most likely have issues with this. The length would probably be perfect for road biking in lycra, but when mountain biking in baggies, I like jerseys to be a bit longer so that they cover the top of my shorts.

Features and Performance

The Windstopper softshell material on the front of the body and arms is fairly thick. 7mesh claims that it is windproof and water-resistant with a micro porous structure that allows water vapor molecules from perspiration to pass through while the membrane remains windproof. I found the breathability to be impressive considering how windproof the jersey actually is.

I would overheat when climbing quickly at temperatures over 50° F, but am comfortable descending at temperatures down to 35° F. This has made the Synergy a great jersey to bring on evening rides when temperatures drop drastically at sunset.

The Snergy’s softshell is water-resistant with a lightweight DWR (durable water resistant) coating. I have only worn it in light rain showers, and in these cases, water droplets didn’t permeate the front of the jersey, but the back knit material got wet when I was moving slowly. Both the front and back of the Synergy would definitely soak through in a downpour.

The knit fabric on the back of the torso and arms is warm and helps with breathability and wicking, but it is not windproof or water-resistant. It is stretchier than the softshell front, and allows for good mobility while riding, especially in the shoulders.

Tasha Heilweil reviews the 7mesh Synergy jersey for Blister Gear Review.
Tasha Heilweil in the 7mesh Synergy Jersey, Fruita, CO.

There are five pockets on the back of the jersey: three slide-in top loaders, and two side-access zippered pockets on the outside of the top loaders. I am a huge fan of the zippered pockets for storing keys or a phone. The top loaders go up a bit far on my back, and accessing them is quite a rotator cuff stretch. But this taller shape allows them to carry a lot of tools and food without feeling bulky.

Tasha Heilweil reviews the 7mesh Synergy jersey for Blister Gear Review.
7mesh Synergy pockets


I haven’t put the Synergy through too much yet, but it doesn’t show any signs of wear after a few small crashes on sandstone, and being scraped through lots of trailside bushes. The construction appears to be sturdy and long lasting, which should be the case for a jersey that retails for $200.

Bottom line

The 7mesh Synergy jersey does a great job of keeping out the elements while staying comfortable during an entire ride. Like most of 7mesh’s outerwear, it is built to be efficient and prioritize functionality, so the fit is a bit tighter and shorter than most other long-sleeve jerseys meant for trail riding. If you like a more XC fit, the Synergy is a versatile jersey that eliminates having to choose how to layer for rides that are chilly, showering, warm, or anything in between.

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