Back On Snow

It’s that time again.

In fact, we leave tomorrow.

Granted, we’ve had reviewers who never stopped skiing at all, who immediately went from northern-hemisphere to southern-hemisphere winter.

But now a few more of us are heading south—to the south island of New Zealand—to get more time on some product we began testing this past spring, and to start logging days on some new stuff.

Paul Forward reviews the DPS Wailer 105, Blister Gear Review
Paul Forward on the DPS Wailer 105, Broken River Ski Area, Canterbury, New Zealand.

We’re going to spend more time in the backcountry on this trip, too, since there is a lot of interesting new touring gear out there.

What are we taking with us? We’ll tell you about later. Because we very literally have to go pack.

Also, we’re soon going to be rolling out some new initiatives that we’re very excited about. Like the inaugural, print-edition, Blister Buyer’s Guide. And a new Blister Membership.

Stay tuned for details on that front, too.

Paul Forward reviews the Blizzard Cochise, Blister Gear Review
Paul Forward on the Blizzard Cochise, Temple Basin, NZ.

7 comments on “Back On Snow”

  1. Can’t wait for the new reviews! Safe travels and may copious amounts of good and bad snow be on the offering for ski testing!

  2. How did the trip go? You’ve probably done a heap of gear reviews off the back of it but I’d be really interested to hear about the skiing. I head there each year and would like to get some more hiking in. We hiked up Temple Basin last year and it is, hands down, the coolest place I’ve ever skied and I include Telluride, Jackson Hole and Alta on that list.

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