Black Diamond Patrol Glove

Product: Black Diamond Patrol Glove Black Diamond Patrol Glove

Weight: 144g (size M)

Stated Temperature Range: 0-30° F


  • Fixed lining with 100% waterproof BDry insert
  • Woven nylon, abrasion-resistant shell with 4-way stretch
  • Fixed PrimaLoftÒ One insulation and PolartecÒ Thermal Pro High LoftÒ
  • Goat leather palm and knuckle patches

MSRP: $94.95, USD

Test Locations: Alta Ski Area, Wasatch Backcountry, Snowbird

Days skied: 100+

The perfect ski glove has to pull off a tricky combination of feats: keep your digits warm and dry, not fall apart immediately while being subjected day after day to buckling and unbuckling boots, grabbing skis, snapping branches, wiping snot, and building kickers (plus the million other things you do while playing in the mountains), while still delivering some degree of dexterity.

While it may be easy to find a pair of gloves that fit one or two of the above mentioned goals it is quite difficult to find a glove that delivers on all of them.

Before I get started, I need to mention two general caveats when talking about gloves: fit and warmth. What counts as “a good fitting” and “warm (but not too warm)” glove is highly subjective. Fit depends on your own hand, and warmth depends on how well your body regulates blood circulation when you’re out in the elements. What I find to be suitably warm, someone else may find too hot, or not warm enough. (Of course, this is one of the reasons why we dig’s ‘no questions asked’ return policy around here.)

Jason Hutchins launches off a rock at Alta, wearing the Black Diamond Patrol glove.
Jason Hutchins, Devil's Castle, Alta Ski Area.

After a full year of use skiing inbounds and out-of-bounds, dog walking, hiking, and plenty of other random activities out in the freezing cold, I can say that, for me, the Patrol glove is  “perfectly” warm.

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