Dakine Excursion Glove

Waterproofing / Wind-proofing

The Excursion uses a Gore-Tex waterproof / breathable laminate, which means the glove carries a 100% waterproof guarantee. Like the two other Dakine gloves I have been testing this winter and spring, the Excursion has held up to that guarantee, keeping my hands perfectly dry whether I’m picking up dripping wet skis or skiing in a wet spring storm.

I have not used the included leather waterproofing balm that came with the Excursion, but apparently the DWR coat is working well enough, as I still have not found material saturation to be an issue at any time. Of course, I am in Utah, which is not an overly wet environment like the Pacific Northwest, Alaska, or the Sierras.

The ability to adjust the cuff also makes the glove aid in the fight against the wind. You can snug the cuff up and easily slide it inside a jacket sleeve, and the adjustability also allows for the comfortable use of a jacket wrist gator if your coat has that feature.


The Excursion is a very warm glove, and there will be better options for warm days, but I still have used it on days when the temperature has risen to the mid 30s F / 1 C. On those days, I have found the glove to remain comfortable. I have never felt the need to pull my gloves off while on the lift to cool my hands and keep from sweating excessively, which is something I do quite often with gloves featuring a waterproof / breathable membrane.

I have done a number of warm ski tours with the Excursion as well, and similarly have found the glove to breathe very well with strenuous activity, even when my hands were a bit too hot in the glove. Because the glove is so warm, however, I typically did not wear the gloves while skinning in temps above 25-30 F / -3 to 0 C.

Dakine Excursion Glove, Blister Gear Review
Jason Hutchins in the Dakine Excursion glove, Wasatch backcountry.


Because the glove uses leather in all of the high-wear areas, the Excursion shows very little signs of use (other than being a little dirty) after the 14 days I have in them. Of course, 14 days isn’t that much time, but so far, so good.

Bottom Line

The Excursion is yet another well designed, warm, waterproof and breathable option from Dakine. If you are considering both the Commander and Excursion, the latter will be perfect for someone looking for a slightly warmer, little cozier, and lighter-weight feel than the Commander offers with its finger and knuckle padding. The Commander will be the better option for someone looking for incredible dexterity from a fully protected, sleeker, warm glove.


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