Dance Your Skis Off!

This past Friday evening in New Mexico was the world premiere of Dance Your Skis Off – 2016.

Dance Your Skis Off Blister Gear Review
Pat & Kristin Sinnott walk the red carpet at the premiere.

And while this film isn’t going to win any Oscars or get all the buzz at the IFC or Sundance Film Festivals, that’s alright. Because it was fun to make, and because rarely has a ski movie exhibited this much terrible dancing.

(Note: In our defense, dancing in ski boots is harder than it looks. And often on those windy ridges, it was impossible to hear the music. And sometimes, there simply was no music. But enough with the excuses….)

Our fearless and persistent director on this project was Kristin Sinnott. And she deserves massive amounts of credit and high fives for carrying out this project over the course of the entire 15/16 ski season. Rarely has anyone gone to such lengths to humiliate her friends.

Just kidding. Kristin is the best, and we applaud her dedication in stashing multiple cameras in her jacket and often wearing a Jammy Pack every time we were out skiing, then repeatedly getting our group to break out in dance, regardless of how windy it was on the peak, how hungover we all were, or how sick of the song “Downtown” we became. We salute you, Kristin.

One last thing: a silly video like this is actually bedrock evidence that you are leading a very fortunate life. If you are able to spend time in the mountains, you are blessed. And to get to spend so much time in the mountains with friends as good as the people in this video, well that is a sign that you are supremely blessed.

So to everyone in this video, thank you for making my 15/16 ski season, and for being the best thing about every one of my ski seasons—and off seasons. I am so lucky to have all of you horrible, horrible dancers in my life.

Dance Your Skis Off – 2016 from Patrick Sinnott on Vimeo.

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