Evoc CP 26l Camera Bag

Cy Whitling reviews the Evoc CP 26l camera bag for Blister Gear Review.
Evoc CP 26l

Evoc CP 26l

Volume: 26 Liters

Stated Weight: 2.45 kgs / 5.4lbs

Dimensions (cm): 30 x 52 x 17

Stated Features:

  • Quick-access avalanche compartment with emergency plan
  • Attachment system for: snowboard, skis (diagonal/vertical), snowshoes, 2 ice picks, poles, tripod (front/side)
  • Camera compartment partitioning (individual, padded)
  • Quick access to camera (side)
  • Side hydration compartment
  • Organisational compartments for CF and SD cards
  • Notebook pocket 17” (padded)
  • Hip belt pocket
  • Rain cover (integrated, removable)

MSRP: $300

Test Locations: Canterbury Club Fields, NZ; Interbike Outdoor Demo, NV; Grand Targhee Resort & Teton Pass, WY

Days used: 20+


For photographers trying to shoot and keep up with skiers, mountain bikers, and other outdoor athletes, camera bags often feel like a frustrating dilemma. You generally have two options: you can go with a purpose-built camera pack (from a company that often has very little outdoor recreation experience) and give up the specific features you might need to keep up with your athletes, or you can use a pack designed for skiing or biking or whatever, and give up ease of access and protection for your expensive camera gear.

Of course companies like F-Stop have made it their business to solve this problem, and their modular systems get the job done well. But Evoc is now offering an alternative option with their line of photographer-specific packs.

Evoc makes a full line of ski and mountain bike packs, plus three camera packs: the 18 liter Photo Scout, the 26 liter CP 26l I tested, and the 35 liter CP 35l. Evoc also offers the CP 26l in an ABS base unit compatible version which is, as far as I know, the only ABS photo pack available at this time.

The CP 26l is marketed as a “Fully equipped, sports-inspired camera backpack for professional and amateur photographers. Designed to meet all requirements during active use, the backpack provides maximum protection for sensitive camera equipment.”

Cy Whitling reviews the Evoc CP 26l camera bag for Blister Gear Review.
Cy Whitling with the Evoc CP 26l, Canterbury Club Fields, NZ.

I certainly put those claims to the test this summer, as I used and abused my heavily-loaded CP 26l shooting Blister’s ski review trip down in New Zealand, our Interbike Outdoor Demo coverage, and while mountain biking in Idaho and Wyoming.


Unlike some other photo bags, the CP 26l is one integrated unit; there are no removable camera blocks or ICU’s. Instead, the interior of the pack is divided 60 / 40 between camera gear and free space. The camera portion comes with padded velcro dividers that make it easy to set it up to accommodate whatever specific gear you are planning on taking out.

The whole back portion of the pack unzips on three sides and opens up, allowing full access to the interior. The lower camera portion is totally accessible and the upper 40% of the pack is equipped with a zippered door that allows access from the back. The inside of the back panel is equipped with SD and CF card pockets, as well as three large, transparent, zippered pockets.

Cy Whitling reviews the Evoc CP 26l camera bag for Blister Gear Review.
Evoc CP 26l open view

The upper non-camera compartment is also accessible from the top of the pack by a zipper that stretches around the upper third of the pack that accesses the laptop / shovel pocket at the very front of the pack as well.

The exterior of the CP 26l is packed with features, but they all tuck away into their own little pockets to maintain a very sleek look. There are attachments for two ice axes, options for A-frame or diagonal ski carry, a tripod pouch, rainfly pocket, hydration bladder pocket, and sunglasses pocket all on the exterior of the pack. I’ll dive into the specifics of how a few of those features perform further down, but as a whole, the CP 26l is feature packed, but very well thought out, so that it doesn’t feel like they just tacked on as many options as possible.

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  1. Been searching for some time for a bag that has side access and actually protects gear, I wish these guys did a better job at marketing (wasn’t an easy find) – so thank you for taking the time to write this up.

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