9 comments on “First Look: 2017-2018 Salomon QST 106”

  1. Look at the tail on this ski, NO WAY your skiing switch on this thing. TO bad your not bringing the Amplid Hill Bill with you, it’s the birth child of the Bibby and Bentchetler, a perfect mix of the two, that fly’s under the radar.

    • If I am skiing switch it is only on groomers so I think that ski would work just fine. I think the gradual rise looks killer. slashy yet stompy…can’t wait to hear the review.

  2. Just tested the QST 106@181 last week in variable conditions (in Austria) and fell in love at first sight with all my heart.
    Light, but very stable on groomers, moguls and soft chop. Very intuitive in the powder.
    Trust, you guys (Blister) will get the same feeling. :-)

    Haven’t tried switch skiing :-(

  3. Fully agree. I am 176 cm / 90 kilos, rather aggressive skier and felt very fine with the 181 length. I couldn’t test the 188 unfortunately, but 174 is out of any wide ski scope for a man :-)

  4. Doesn’t the QST have a Titanium laminated layer? would’nt this make them good enough of a charger? despite the design?
    Just random thoughts…

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