First Look: Patagonia EVERLong

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Patagonia EVERLong

First Look: Patagonia EVERLong

Size Tested: 8.5

Blister’s Measured Weight per Shoe: 213 & 216 grams; insole = 13 grams

Heel-to-toe drop: 4mm

MSRP: $110

Reviewer’s Feet: 260mm

Days Tested: ~2 weeks / 50 miles

Locations Tested: Salt Lake City, Utah

The EVERlong is Patagonia’s newest entry into the trail running category. After almost two weeks and about 50 miles in the shoe, here are some of my initial thoughts (full review to come).

The Shoe

The number of lightweight, low-drop trail shoes on the market is growing, and the EVERLong fits squarely into that group. Weighing in at ~215 grams / 7.6 oz (size 8.5), with a 4mm drop (23mm/19mm stack), and a super compliant and breathable mesh upper, it has all the right credentials. Unlike many of its peers, though, the EVERLong actually offers (at least some) cushioning.


I found the shoe to fit really well right out of the box. While the cushioning is a bit more than I’m used to (compared to, say, a NB MT110), the majority of the squish is in all the right places—primarily the forefoot. There’s enough cushioning in the heel to forgive a heel strike, but not enough to encourage one. The cushioning and the slightly rockered sole actually make me think of a thoughtfully stripped-down Hoka.

Bottom Line (For Now) 

The result, for me at least? A great street-to-trail shoe that’s excelled on mellower Salt Lake City terrain, such as the Bonneville shoreline and Millcreek Canyon. As the days get shorter and less daylight necessitates running closer to home, I have yet to try the EVERLong on rougher terrain or for longer distances, but I will definitely do that prior to a full review.

For now, I’d recommend the Everlong for those looking to transition into a low-drop shoe or for experienced minimalist runners who want a little more squish.


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  1. Glad you are taking a look at these! Any thoughts on the fit? I have a wide hobbit like forefoot. I currently like the Brooks Pure Grit, fits like a glove. Any thoughts on how the Everlong may compare? Is the heel drops are identical at 4mm.
    P.S. I run in the pac nw. Am I now entered in the contest? ;)

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