Five Ten Team 5.10 (Team Black)

Five Ten Dragon vs. Five Ten Team 5.10

Ultimately the Team 5.10 shoe is well rounded enough to be used as a primary shoe by any intermediate to advanced boulderer or sport climber. I still feel that the Dragon performs at a slightly higher level when it comes to thin edging or really toeing in on holds and powering off of them, but this difference in performance (due mainly to the Team 5.10 being slightly softer and having a 0.5mm thinner sole than the Dragon), is extremely small, and for me only matters on very specific moves on boulder problems. All in all, the Team 5.10s’ ability to toe hook more effectively than the Dragon makes them a well-rounded option capable of handling almost all types of foot holds.

Rubber and Quality

Both the original and new Team 5.10 feature a thin 3.5mm sole of Sleath Mystique rubber. This thinner sole should, in theory, make the Team 5.10 slightly more sensitive than shoes like the Dragon or La Sportiva Testarossa, both of which feature standard 4mm thick soles. The thinner rubber of the Team 5.10 should also mean that they are slightly less durable. The Team 5.10 does feel slightly softer to me, but I haven’t really noticed an increase in sensitivity or the rate of wear and tear compared to those other shoes. Like Zach, I have found the Team 5.10 to be pretty durable and capable of withstanding multiple seasons of use.

Matt Pincus reviews the Five Ten Team 5.10 black, Blister Gear Review
Matt Pincus in the Five Ten Team 5.10, Ghost King V11, Joe’s Valley, UT.

Bottom Line

The Five Ten Team 5.10 is a high-end bouldering and sport climbing shoe capable of handling a variety of angles and rock types, ranging from granite boulders in Switzerland and steep, limestone sport routes at the Wild Iris, to more technical, vertical climbs at the Finns in Idaho.

With the modified entry in the new black model, any intermediate or advanced sport climber or boulderer looking for a well-rounded performance shoe geared for precision footwork—or one specifically for toe hooking—should definitely check out the Team 5.10.

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