Giro Manifest Goggle

Giro Manifest Goggle, Blister Gear ReviewGiro Manifest Goggle


  • Helmet Compatible Design
  • Pop Top™ interchangeable lens, includes second lens
  • Dual-density face foam with micro fleece facing
  • Super Fit™
  • True Sight™ by Carl Zeiss Vision Spherical dual lens

Days Tested: 70+

MSRP: $169–209

The Giro Manifest has been my main goggle since the spring of 2011, and while some aspects of the goggles have held up well, I also have some durability concerns.

Giro seems to have dialed in a comfortable frame with their “Superfit” technology (though they are vague about what “Superfit” actually is). I’ve never had any face or nose pain from the frame no matter how tight I’ve cranked down the headband—which is also fantastic. After a lot of use, the sticky strap still holds nicely to my Bern Hard Hat, is really easy to adjust, and shows no signs of wear and tear.

After more than a year, the dual-density foam with micro fleece facing is showing only minor adhesive separation and for the most part has kept its form. The rubber frame can also taco easily, allowing any sort of impact to be absorbed.

Robin Abeles, Alta Ski Area, Blister Gear Review
Robin Abeles in the Giro Manifest Goggle, Alta Ski Area.

The Manifest (Giro’s version of a quick-lens-change goggle) comes with two lenses: a dark lens for bright light and an amber lens for low light. The dark color works nicely on sunny days, keeping my eyes relaxed and the glare down, but they’re a little difficult to clean when hit with slush (the remaining water spots are difficult to remove). The amber tint is ideal for grey skies and storm skiing, but for my eyes, they’re a bit too bright any time the sun punches through.

But I don’t lose any peripheral vision with the Manifest. The spherical shape is nice, keeping glare down and features present, at the same time allowing enough space for my eyes to breathe.

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