Hyperlite Mountain Gear Dyneema Duffel Bag

In Use

Unfortunately, I have not used the Dyneema Duffel on any multi-day, self-supported tours or week-long pack rafting trips as its description suggests. But I have run it through the gamut of more conventional uses, and I’ve been impressed. Hopefully I’ll be able to haul it out on some bigger expeditions this winter and spring, and will report back if any of my assessment change.

140L is a lot of volume, and I have yet to fully max out the duffel. On our review trip to New Zealand, I easily fit two weeks of clothes, a pair of ski boots, all my avy gear, a helmet, an extra touring backpack, and all my ski outerwear, and still had room to spare. While it’s not the most comfortable bag to haul around the airport loaded down like this (this isn’t a wheeled duffle), that’s not really the point. This is a minimal, high-performance bag, and while it’s perfectly comfortable hauling your gear around the airport, it’s really meant to shine in more extreme conditions. I didn’t have any issues with wear or durability, even after a couple of international flights with my avy shovel rubbing against the side of the bag.

Back in Montana, I loaded the duffel down with all my gear in preparation for my move to Driggs, Idaho. This time I pushed closer to capacity, with three pairs of ski boots, outerwear, two helmets, avy gear, crampons, ice axes, and climbing equipment. I strapped it to the top of my car using the built in daisy chains and hit the road. Again, no issues, even with some of my more pointy gear (axes and crampons) thrown in without any real protection.

I’ve never worried about rain or weather using the duffel, either. While the bag does become more transparent when wet, I haven’t found any leakage through the fabric—even when left out in a downpour—and I wouldn’t expect any, given the nature of the material.

Who’s It For?

If you’re just looking for a duffel bag to haul your gear through the airport on your yearly ski vacation, the HMG Dyneema Duffel is going to be overkill—sort of like riding a downhill bike on a paved bike path. Sure it works, but it’s not the most efficient option (you might as well get a bag with wheels), and you’re never going to use its full potential.

But if your objectives entail hauling a lot of gear far into the wilderness, and you put a premium on low weight and durability, the HMG Dyneema Duffel should be on your short list.

Bottom Line

The HMG Dyneema Duffel is a high-performance bag designed for objectives where excess weight is anathema and durability and weatherproofing are vital. For those looking for top-tier performance, it’s a great option


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