Icebreaker Sprite Racerback Tank

Icebreaker Sprite Racerback tank, blister gear review.
Icebreaker Sprite Racerback Tank

Icebreaker Sprite Racerback Tank

Material: 96% Merino Wool, 4% Elastane

Color: Azalea

Size: Extra small

Reviewer Stats:

  • Height: 5’2”
  • Weight: 120 lbs.
  • Chest: 32 in.
  • Waist: 26 in.
  • Hip: 32.5 in

Days Tested: 20

Test Locations: Biking and hiking in the Wasatch (Utah) and Northwest Montana; rafting on the Main Salmon (Idaho)

MSRP: $55


Since I bought my first Icebreaker product eight years ago, I’ve been blown away by the functionality of the company’s merino wool apparel. The Sprite Racerback Tank is no exception—it’s impressed me since day one.

This ultralight top is part of the company’s Premium Underwear collection. The Sprite is insanely thin, breathable, and lightweight.

Fit / Fabric 

The first thing I noticed when I put the Sprite on is how comfortable it is. The merino wool fabric is extremely soft and very thin (it’s made from Icebreaker’s lightest material, 150 g/m2). The ultralight material combined with the tank’s tight fit almost makes me forget I’m wearing a top.

The Sprite extends a couple inches past my hips, and, while it is form fitting, it doesn’t feel tight or inhibiting. The fabric is made of merino wool and elastane, which gives the tank a little bit of stretch and makes it feel looser than it really is.

The racerback style fits very well. The straps are not too long and I’ve never worried about the tank falling down too far in the front. But they’re also not so tight that they dig into my skin.

Personally, I think this style is a big improvement over traditional tank top straps—the racerback conceals a sports bra well, and I don’t have to worry about the straps sliding off my shoulders when I’m biking or hiking.

Icebreaker sprite racerback tank, blister gear review.
Stella in the Sprite, Big Mountain, Whitefish MT


I usually wear a small in shirts and tank tops, but I wore an extra small in the Sprite. I’m happy I got the smallest size since it seems to fit like like a “normal” small would from another brand. It’s form fitting, but definitely not too tight.


The Sprite has been my go-to baselayer for every activity I’ve done this summer. I wore it rafting since it’s so thin I didn’t  have to worry about it bunching up under my life jacket. And I could jump into the river with it on and it would dry quickly—and keep me cool to boot.

I also wore it hiking and biking a lot. And when I was out on the trails, I really appreciated just how breathable this tank is…


The Sprite is super breathable, and I love wearing it while hiking and biking. The tank makes polypro shirts feel hot and stuffy!

Since the Sprite is so breathable, I have to be sweating a lot to saturate it. After a steep climb, the back of the tank will usually be a little sweaty, but it’s dry minutes after I take my pack off.


One of merino’s biggest selling points is its ability to resist odors. I can wear it multiple days in a row, and it still smell fresh and clean. Almost.

And remember—when you do wash your Icebreaker product, air dry it instead of putting it into the dryer. Luckily, the Sprite dries very quickly.


The Sprite shows very few signs of wear after 20 days of use. All the seams are intact and there aren’t any snags in the material. The external color has faded slightly compared to the inside, and there is some very light pilling on the back of the tank where it’s rubbed against my Camelbak (I’ve worn the pack almost every time I’ve worn the tank).

On additional note on cleaning—I did cover the Sprite with mud shortly after I bought it. The mud wouldn’t come out after several washes, but now I can’t find the stains anymore. It appears about 20 cycles through the washing machine did the stains in…


At $55, the Icebreaker tank isn’t inexpensive. I own another athletic tank top, a Hind DryLete Tank made from 92% polyester, 8% spandex, that only cost $26.00. The Hind also has racerback straps and a pretty tight fit.

But that’s where the similarities end. When it comes to breathability, there’s no comparison between the DryLete Tank and the Sprite. The Sprite is so lightweight and breathable you almost forget you’re wearing it, whereas the Hind top feels hot and heavy. The Hind piece also absorbs moisture and does not dry nearly as fast as the Sprite.

So, although the Sprite costs more, I think in this case it’s worth the investment.

Icebreaker Sprite, blister gear review.
Stella in the Sprite, Big Mountain, Whitefish MT

Bottom Line

I would recommend the Icebreaker Sprite Racerback Tank to women looking for a very comfortable, lightweight tank top for wearing around the house or for getting after it in the outdoors.

I would suggest trying it on, since the extra small fit me well even though I usually wear a small. I would also suggest looking at the Icebreaker’s other 150 g/m2 short-sleeve and long-sleeve shirts depending on the type of coverage you want. For example, I’m interested in the short sleeve shirt because it offers a little more protection from the sun.

Overall, the Sprite is an great option if  you’re looking for a comfortable, breathable tank top.

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