Lululemon Rival Button Up


Lululemon Rival Button Up

Color: Heathered Black

Size: Large

MSRP: $108 USD

Reviewer: 5’10, 180 lbs.


The Rival Button Up is the most dressed-up looking shirt of our collection, but it’s also really comfortable and wrinkle-resistant.

Jonathan Ellsworth reviews the Lulu Lemon Rival Button Up, Blister Gear Review
Jonathan Ellsworth in the Lululemon Rival Button Up.

It has a slimmer fit, and the size Large fits me well; I wouldn’t be tempted to size up or down.

The Rival Button Up looks sharp without being starchy or stuffy. I wouldn’t be inclined to grab this to go on a hike—the fabric could handle it, it’s just that the shirt feels too nice for that. But to a nice bar or nice restaurant? Yes, definitely.


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