Men’s Winter Boots


None of us need super technical, severe-weather gear all of the time.

Sometimes, you just need a decent looking sweater or some boots to kick around in.

But there are a lot of sweaters and pants and shoes out there, and it’s easy to waste a bunch of time trying to find the good stuff.

So we’re continuing our series that’s intended to save you some time and introduce you to some more casual pieces that we really like.

We’ll do the sorting and the sifting for you, and we’ll only feature items that we have vetted and will vouch for.

And since we’re not looking for these items to stand up to excessive abuse or the most extreme conditions, these reviews won’t be any longer than they need to be.


Today’s collection: three men’s boots that range from the ridiculously comfortable, to the impressively durable, to the classy and functional…


OluKai Kohana

KEEN Briggs Mid WP

OluKai Mauna Iki



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  1. You guys should check out Forsake boots. They’re waterproof, relatively warm, and perfect for hitting the town without looking like you have goofy snow boots on.

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