2011-2012 MOMENT Bibby Special (edition), 196cm

If the Armada AK JJ was made to surf big lines, the MOMENT Bibby Special looks like it was made to destroy them.

2011-2012 MOMENT Bibby Special (edition), 196cm, BLISTER
2011-2012 MOMENT Bibby Special, 196cm. (photograph by Ryan Heffernan)

The MOMENT Bibby Pro is a favorite of ours at BLISTER. To us, it feels like a damn near perfect mix of playfulness and stability. But Josh Bibby wanted a specialized weapon for dominating huge, big mountain lines, and the Bibby Special is the result.

At a length of 196 centimeters (a 186cm version will also be available), with a wider shovel and stiffer, flatter tail than the Bibby Pro, it is indeed a whole different animal. Josh has taken his riding to bigger mountains with this ski, and we want to follow.

We’ll find out quickly once we get it on the snow in Argentina, but the MOMENT Bibby Special looks like the nastiest ski of the bunch we’re bringing.

The roll out continues tomorrow. Stay tuned….


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