Mons Royale Cornice Rollover LS

Kristin Synott reviews the Mons Royale Cornice Rollover LS for Blister Gear Review.
Mons Royale Cornice Rollover LS

Mons Royale Cornice Rollover LS

Size Tested: Medium

Materials: 100% super fine merino wool

Stated Features:

  • High turtle neck collar
  • Drop tail for extra coverage and warmth
  • Thumb loops

MSRP: $130

Reviewer: 5’8, 130 lbs, typically wears a size Medium base layer

Days Tested: 14

Test Locations: Breckenridge, Colorado; Taos Ski Valley, Ski Santa Fe, & Taos backcountry, New Mexico


Very rarely do I find a product that I absolutely love and wonder how I ever lived without it. But Mons Royale’s Cornice Rollover LS is that product. I have worn it almost every day (biking to work and skiing) since receiving it two weeks ago. Its soft, medium weight, 100% merino wool combined with a long torso, relaxed fit and perfectly designed turtleneck has me constantly reaching for it no matter the occasion.


The Cornice Rollover LS is the softest 100% wool baselayer I have worn. I have often opted for synthetic baselayers, since in the past I have found wool to be a little scratchy and to create annoying static in the dry Southwest climate, which is something I’d rather do without. However, I have not noticed any static with shirt, and the wool is very soft. The relaxed, athletic fit of the Cornice Rollover LS keeps the wool from clinging to the body, and allows layers to be added underneath and/or on top. The Cornice Rollover LS is a medium-weight wool base layer, and for comparison, it’s a slightly heavier weight than Icebreaker’s 260 midweight wool.


Mons Royale recommends turning the shirt inside out, washing with like colors on the delicate cycle, then air drying. The tag also states that it is subject to up to 5% shrinkage, and as a result, I was hesitant to wash it because (a) it didn’t stink even after many days of skiing and (b) it was a perfect fit.

When I did wash it, I followed the recommendations and did not notice any shrinkage. I have only washed it the one time, so it remains to be seen how it will hold up after multiple cycles.


I am a standard Medium in 90% of the shirts I own. Mons Royale’s Medium Cornice Rollover LS fit me perfectly. I tend to get frustrated by short torsos and sleeves and this shirt had enough length in both areas to make me happy. The torso was long enough to tuck into ski pants without any fear of coming untucked during the day.

The Cornice Rollover LS also features a drop tail that adds length to the back of the shirt. As mentioned above, the long torso and added drop tail help keep the shirt tucked in while skiing or biking.

Built-In-Buff and Other Features

My favorite part of the shirt is the turtleneck. It is basically the best neck warmer I have ever worn, and being integrated into the shirt makes it amazing. The turtleneck is loose enough around my neck that I don’t notice it until I need it. Then when I need to pull it up over my face while skiing, it is easy to grab with gloves on, and it stays put around the face. The top of the turtleneck has some thin piping that gives it more structure than other neck warmers. The turtleneck can be worn as a single layer or folded down for thicker protection against the elements, and it is the same soft material as the rest of the shirt.

I wore this top during an afternoon snowstorm and the turtleneck kept my face protected and warm. I had a jacket with a reasonably high collar on at the time, but I had the turtleneck pulled up higher than the collar so it was completely exposed to the elements. Hours after the snowstorm, as I was driving home, the turtleneck was a little saturated from the melted snow and I had to change out of it to remove the chill that had set in. This is the one downside of an attached neck warmer as if it becomes saturated, then you need to remove the entire shirt.

Kristin Synott reviews the Mons Royale Cornice Rollover LS for Blister Gear Review.
Kristin Sinnott in the Mons Royale Cornice Rollover LS, New Mexico backcountry.

On another occasion, I was skiing on a windy, miserable day and skiers in front of me were kicking up snow that would then get blasted by the wind into my face. In the past, these snow pellets would have felt like needles poking my face, but with the thicker-than-a-Buff turtleneck pulled up high, I skied comfortably down to the chair for another lap.

The Cornice Rollover is about twice as thick (and hence twice as warm) as Mons Royale’s Checklist Hood LS and Icebreaker’s Terra LS Half Zip Hood.

The integrated thumbholes are handy if you forgot your gloves on a cold run or bike ride, or to keep your sleeves down when adding layers. But they are perhaps a little too thick to wear comfortably under gloves or mittens.

Bottom Line

The first day I wore this top, I put it on at 7 am and didn’t take it off until 11 pm. That pattern has continued since. The Mons Royale Cornice Rollover LS has quickly become my new go-to baselayer, and I would recommend this product to anyone looking for a soft, medium-weight wool shirt.

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