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  1. Hey there Will,
    Solid review for sure! I am looking to you for some advice here. I have skied the original 186 Bibby pros for the past three seasons and lllllloved them. There were some things that I would like to have seen improved, and pretty much I think the 190 addresses them. But the Caylor intrigues me as well. Can you give me a comparison of the two? Any thoughts, ideas, suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

    Thanks in advance.


    • Hi Remre,

      I have to admit I have not skied the 190 Bibby Pro, yet (we have a pair in house that I will get on soon). However, I can confidently make some general comparisons between the Caylor and the 184cm Bibby, which has the same flex profile as the 190. The most noticeable difference is their feel on hardpack and dampening qualities. The Bibby Pro has a lighter, more poppy feel than the Caylor on groomers. This makes a good deal of sense, considering the Bibby has 4mm more camber underfoot and is built with a pine/aspen wood core reinforced with carbon stringers. The Caylor on the other hand is built with a bamboo/triax fiberglass core layup, which feels a little damper and heavier through chop, but isn’t quite as lively as the Bibby on harder snow. They’re both awesome skis. Choosing between the two will be determined largely by your own skiing style, and the kind of terrain you typically ride.

      Hope this helps,


  2. Hey so I’m looking for a powder jib ski similar to skis such as the Benchetler or the Moment Night Train. I’m a little bigger than you (175 lbs, 6 ft) and have a racing background as well as a competitive park background (nothing serious, just small comps). Did you get the chance to air the caylors a lot? Do they feel like they have a balanced swing weight? They look like a bomber ski and I’ve heard a lot of good things about them as a jib ski and your review is the first to suggest otherwise. If not the caylor as a jib ski, what might you recommend?

  3. Hi. I’m a large-ish guy (6’5″/205 lb), and I love the way my Surface New Life 194s tear through chop and provide a stable platform in soft snow. When they reach the end of their life, though, I’d like to replace them with a similar ski that’s equally stiff or stiffer, but with sintered bases and a more durable build. Anyone at Blister happen to know how the stiffness of the Caylor compares to that of the New Life?

  4. Nevermind. Did some more reading — looks like the Cease and Desist is what I’m after: ” . . . and it flexes like a 2 x 4.”

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