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[Editor’s Note: Our associate editor, Cy Whitling, has more to say about this year’s ski movies, so we’re bringing him back for another round of What to Watch.]


A couple weeks ago we took a look at this year’s crop of ski movies. And while I’m still a huge fan of traditional ski movies (and a firm believer in paying for great content), there is also a number of impressive ski edits being released online.

So these are the free ski edits that have stood out to me so far this year. Let us know in the comments which ski videos grabbed your attention this year.


In Search

(17 minutes)

Inspired Media

Kye Peterson got not just one, but three pro model skis from 4FRNT this year (the KYE 95, 110, and 120), and this movie shows why—he’s an absolute animal in big, technical terrain.

There’s a little bit of everything in here: huge pillow lines, technical spines, and a few backcountry booters. And it’s not all just backcountry jibbing. Kye and crew put in some serious time and effort to climb and ski some scary lines.

I was initially at a loss trying to describe the breadth of the skiing in this film, but I think looking at Kye’s sponsor list offers some insight. It’s not often you see a Monster Energy Drink sticker right alongside a Patagonia logo, but that kind of sums up the combination this film offers. There is plenty of big, scary ski mountaineering documented in In Search, but there’s more than enough mute-grabbing, switch-landing jibbing to keep the newschool crowd interested as well. It’s a truly unique combination that’s easily worth 17 minutes of your life.


Line Traveling Circus 8.1 – ‘Fried Ice’

(17 minutes)

Line Skis

This one is a little bit of a wild card. You may not be too familiar with the Line Traveling Circus (LTC) since their focus is generally on goofy, creative rails and jibs. But this year, Line took their long-running web series in a new direction. So far the first two episodes (Fried Ice and Swiss Cheese Socks) have upped the production value, without losing the relatable charm that’s carried the Traveling Circus this far.

And I promise, you don’t need to be a Tall-T-wearing, kink-rail-slaying park rat to enjoy and be entertained by the Line Traveling Circus. Sure, there is some incredible and creative urban and park skiing in these videos, but the stories from the road, and the confusion and humor of international travel, are really what make this season’s videos.

Skiing is fun and it’s obvious that the LTC guys get that. Don’t expect big lines and pristine powder, but be ready for relatable skiers making the most of sketchy conditions and creative setups. Even though I haven’t hit a rail in two years and spend more time in Dynafits than the park, the Line Traveling Circus always gets me excited to go skiing. And that might be the best thing I can say about a ski video.


Cruise Control

(30 minutes)

Gypsy Feelin

While I knew from Gypsy Feelin’s reputation and previous work that Cruise Control was going to be worth watching, I had a really hard time getting into the movie the first time I started it. Maybe it was the almost-too-laid-back soundtrack, maybe it was the almost too instagramy color grade, maybe it was the almost too cliche opening Japan segment. Whatever it was, I just didn’t feel compelled to keep watching. But luckily I did.

Cruise Control is special. The skiing is phenomenal, the names Julien Lange, Leo Taillefer Laurent de Martin, Flo Bastien, Alex Chabod, Pierre Antoine Chedal and Jules Bonnaire might not be at the tips of most people’s tongues, but they should be. Huge hucks, perfectly styled airs, and fast and heavy lines fill Cruise Control. There is no shortage of creative builds, including a couple of multiple booter backcountry lines complete with impeccable aerial cinematography. So don’t let the slow start and soundtrack turn you off, Cruise Control delivers some top notch skiing in an understated package.

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