TREW Backcountry Button Up


TREW Backcountry Button Up

Color: Dust Brown / Forest

Size: Large

MSRP: $110 USD

Reviewer: 5’10, 180 lbs.


TREW describes their Backcountry Button Up as “a durable companion for city-to-mountain commuting, or as an insulating layer for riding at the resort.” And that all checks out. So if you’re looking for a shirt to ski in and work in, this is a great option.

Jonathan Ellsworth reviews the Trew Backcountry Button Up, Blister Gear Review
Jonathan Ellsworth in the Trew Backcountry Button Up.

The BC Button Up is cut on the longer side. At my height & weight, I’ve got plenty of length in a size Large, so when I’m hunched over on a bike, neither the back of the shirt nor the sleeves are riding up.

But with a base layer underneath, I’m not sure I could get away with dropping down to a size Medium—it might be a bit too tight through the shoulders and chest. So I think it would be safest to size down if you have a more slender build and don’t need or want the extra length.

I’ve been skiing in the BC Button Up the past couple days, and I initially underestimated how well the piece could function as a light mid layer. On those days when a down jacket or a synthetic puffy would be overkill (~35 degrees F and above), the BC Button Up has been an ideal weight for me, and kept me warm with just a thin long-sleeved base layer underneath it, and an uninsulated hardshell over it.

So while the Backcountry Button Up is a nice shirt, don’t shy away from putting it to work on the mountain.


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