Pearl Izumi Divide Glove

Dana Allen reviews the Pearl Izumi Divide glove, Blister Gear Review
Pearl Izumi Divide Glove

Pearl Izumi Men’s Divide Glove

Size: M (8-8.75” around the palm)

Price: $30


  • Unpadded Pittards leather 1:1 anatomic fit palm (with reinforced grip area)
  • Silicone screened finger grips on pointer/middle finger
  • Hook and loop wrist closure
  • Thumb wiping surface

The Divide glove does exactly what Pearl Izumi designed it to do: it breathes very well, and allows nice grip/control on a pair of handlebars. This might sound like it should be easy for an unpadded glove to pull off, but I’ve had quite a few light, thin gloves over the years that have failed to do both of those things as well as the Divide.


The Divide features a Pittards synthetic leather palm. The index and middle finger have silicone strips screened onto the leather to provide a bit more grip on the brake levers, and the back of the glove is made of a glorious four-way stretch mesh. A rather minimal hook and loop strap cinches the glove tight on your wrist, complementing its elastic cuff.

Features and Fit

I’m a size 9 in numeric glove sizing, and the Divide fits me very well in a size Medium. The glove doesn’t fit too tight, but it is snug enough that there’s no bunching of material in the palm when I close my hand (thanks to what Pearl Izumi calls their  “1:1 anatomic glove fit”). The glove’s finger length is spot on, and a breathable, stretchy Spandex-like material makes sure there’s no slack in between the fingers; a nice touch.

The full mesh, four-way stretch material 0n the back of the Divide conforms tightly to the back of my hand, and allows cooling and wicking to occur more naturally than gloves with thicker, stiffer backs. That said, the Divide won’t offer much protection in a crash, and the mesh looks rather delicate, like it might rip in a crash, though I haven’t been able to confirm this.

Dana Allen reviews the Pearl Izumi Divide glove, Blister Gear Review
Palm of the Pearl Izumi Divide

The silicone on the glove’s fingers is a great feature that I’ve enjoyed on other gloves, but I’ve also had it wear off of other gloves after only a few rides. Thankfully, the silicone on the Divide appears much beefier and better secured than that on say, my POC Index Flow.

The glove also has a nice “wiping surface” (snot patch) on the thumb. I’ve used it. It works. This might seem like a weird, minor detail, but once you wear a pair of gloves without it, you’ll realize it’s a nice feature to have.


I’ve worn the Divide on five cross country rides in Vermont so far. I’ve loved the snug fit of the glove, especially the lack of bunching in the palm when I grip my bars. The mesh on the top of the glove also works well to keep my hands cool and wick away sweat better than my POC Index gloves.

The silicone grip on the gloves does provide some added grip, which is a bonus on the chattery, rooty trails of the East. I do wish there was a silicone strip on the Divide’s thumb for a little bonus shifter paddle grip, however. And though Pear Izumi doesn’t advertise this officially, the silicone on the Divide’s fingers doesn’t interfere with using a touch-screen with the gloves on, so there’s nothing keeping you from Strava-ing like a boss on the trail.

Dana Allen reviews the Pearl Izumi Divide glove, Blister Gear Review
Pearl Izumi Divide glove, touchscreen compatibility.


I haven’t had any trouble with the durability of the Divide thus far, but will update this review if I do. In particular, I will be keeping an eye on the mesh material on the back of the glove to see if it wears/tears easily, and I’m curious to see how long the silicone finger grips stick around.

Bottom Line

If you’re looking for a burly, protective glove, you’ll want something that’s heavier and made with thicker padding material than the Pearl Izumi Divide. But for anyone who lives in a hot, muggy part of the country or in an arid desert climate and wants a light and cool glove with a snug fit, the the Divide is a solid choice.

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