PREVIEW: Epic Planks Crop Duster

PREVIEW: Epic Planks Crop Duster, BLISTERSki: 2012-2013 Epic Planks Crop Duster, 185cm

Dimensions (mm): 151-122-140

Actual Tip-to-Tail Length (straight tape pull): 183.5cm

BLISTER’s Measured Weight per Ski: 2,216 g & 2,187 g

We’re looking forward to reviewing some skis from Epic Planks this season. You can read a little more about the company itself and our first ski selection in my preview of the Epic Planks Ripper, a promising, 104mm-waisted all-mountain ski.

In addition to this rendition of a one-ski quiver, we’ll also be testing the Crop Duster, Epic Planks’ more dedicated pow ski.

With a generous amount of tip and tail rocker, a 122mm waist, and a flat camber profile underfoot, the Crop Duster looks like it’s made primarily to float and smear. Epic Planks describes it accordingly as a ski set up for “powder slashing surf turns, and taking the park to the backcountry.” Given its shape and width, it certainly looks like the Crop Duster will be geared toward those looking for a loose and surfy feel in soft conditions, or a backcountry jib tool if the swing weight proves to be light enough.

Of course, this doesn’t necessarily mean that we won’t find the Crop Duster to do well in heavy chop and firm crud—not all fat pow skis with zero positive camber are created equal in this regard. We’ll see if it’s more akin to a flat cambered ski like the Moment Night Train, which prefers a more centered stance and fluid riding style, or the ON3P Caylor, a ski also tuned less for hardpack performance but that does better in chop because of a heavier weight and damp feel. We don’t expect the Crop Duster to do as well on strict hardpack as something like the Moment Bibby Pro, but we’ll still evaluate how suitable the ski is for days when conditions aren’t super deep.

While the Ripper is a new ski for Epic Planks’ line this year, versions of the Crop Duster have been around for two seasons now, tweaked and honed with feedback from professional snowcat guides, team riders, and customers. We’re really looking forward to checking out the 12/13 design and seeing what the folks at Epic Planks have come up with. All we need now is a few more dustings of snow.

Ullr, bring it on.

You can now read Jason Hutchins’ full review of the Crop Duster.



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