Profile: 2015-2016 Moment Deathwish

We’ve reviewed both the 184cm Moment Deathwish and the 190cm Deathwish, and the ski is coming back unchanged for the 2015-2016 season.

Unchanged, that is, except for a some construction tweaks (a new base material, and a semi-cap construction, same as the 15/16 Bibby Pro) and a very sick new graphic.

Here’s a look at the latest version of one of Moment’s best-selling skis, the 2016 Deathwish.

(See our reviews for more specs, etc.)

SIA Tradeshow 2015, Blister Gear Review
Moment Deathwish



SIA Tradeshow 2015, Blister Gear Review
Moment Deathwish



SIA Tradeshow 2015, Blister Gear Review
Moment Deathwish – Tip Profile



SIA Tradeshow 2015, Blister Gear Review
Moment Deathwish – Tail Profile



SIA Tradeshow 2015, Blister Gear Review
Moment Deathwish – Bases


5 comments on “Profile: 2015-2016 Moment Deathwish”

  1. I currently live on the East (ice) Coast and am in the process of looking for a new set of skis. I am trying to decide between the PB&J and or the death wish in the ~180 range as I enjoy tree skiing when we have some snow as well as charging hard on the groomers. When I was in Colorado I tried the K2 shredding or 112 and Liberty helix 110 and both were great skis for out west. My only concern with them were with the edge hold on ice. I am 6’2 180 lbs and was wondering which one you might prefer/suggest.


    • Hey Craig,

      If edge grip on really firm snow is a priority, the unfortunately the PB&J and Deathwish aren’t the strongest skis out there due to their rockered tips and tails. But with that said, among skis in that all-mountain freestyle class, the PB&J is probably going to offer the best edge hold – the PB&J should handle firm conditions a little better than the Shreditor 112 (or the narrower Shreditor 102, which is more comparable). I’d also suggest reading our reviews of the Blizzard Peacemaker.

      I’m not sure what you’re referring to with the “Helix 110,” but the Helix (which is 105mm underfoot) has no tail rocker, so it’s going to offer better edge hold than any of the skis mentioned above, but is also rather light and has a pretty forgiving flex, so it has a more playful feel than a lot of directional skis in its class. My review of that ski could be worth reading too.

      Hope this helps!


  2. Hey,
    I’m currently looking too add to my quiver. I’m 5’11” 170 lbs-ish, strong skier, and planning on using a set of skis based in the Japan Alps. Mainly as a directional touring/backcountry + powder sticks + I love charging pillow lines, trees, cliffs, steep and deep slopes. In saying this, I’m looking for more stability, with a little less forgiveness (I have a pair of 183 Armada TST, fun but way too soft and short of ski). And so I’m really intrigued by the designs and deciding between the Deathwish, Exit World, and Praxis GPO (I do have others on my list….Salomon Rocker2 122 and G3 Empire Carbon 115). Thing is I’ve never actually demoed reverse-camber skis before, kinda worried but willing to try it out. Wondering what you might suggest.


  3. Will,

    I recently demo’ the icelantic RKR in a 181 at sugarloaf and it was able to rip groomers like nobody else’s business. Given the similiar profile to the RMU apostle how would you compare the PB&J to the apostle?

  4. Hey there,

    I bought a pair of moment deathwish in the 190 length. I ski on the east coast (Jay Peak and Smuggs) do you think this is to much ski for ripping around in the trees? i am 6’2 230 lbs.

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