Profile: 2016-2017 Nordica Enforcer 93

Given the well-deserved success of the 100mm-underfoot Nordica Enforcer (see our review), Nordica has added another Enforcer to their lineup next season: the (93mm-underfoot) Nordica Enforcer 93.

(The women’s version of the Enforcer is the Santa Ana, and next year, there will also be a women’s Santa Ana 93. See below for topsheet pics, and see our review of the current Santa Ana.)

Aside from its narrower dimensions (stated dimensions: 126-94-114 in a 185 cm), the Enforcer 93 does not deviate from the Enforcer script.

Both the 100 and the 93 have a stated sidecut radius of 18.5 meters; their tip and tail rocker profiles look extremely similar; and the flex patterns feel similar.

Now all that’s left is to see how similar they feel and perform on snow. We’re looking forward to finding out.

Blister Gear Review previews the Nordica Enforcer 93
Nordica Enforcer 93



Blister Gear Review previews the Nordica Enforcer 93
Nordica Enforcer 93



Blister Gear Review previews the Nordica Enforcer 93
Nordica Enforcer 93 – Tip Profile



Blister Gear Review previews the Nordica Enforcer 93
Nordica Enforcer 93 – Tail Profile



Blister Gear Review previews the Nordica Enforcer 93
Nordica Enforcer 93 – Bases


Nordica Santa Ana 93
Nordica Santa Ana 93

14 comments on “Profile: 2016-2017 Nordica Enforcer 93”

  1. Is the 100mm 2017 Enforcer going to share the same top sheet design/graphic? Any thoughts on how the 100 Enforcer compares to the Mantra?

  2. Wait, they’re making an Enforcer 100 AND an Enforcer 93, or is something a little wider coming (like the old Blower/Girish)?

  3. Saw a pair of these on snow at Big Sky the other day. Looked sweet. Haven’t been on an enforcer yet, that’s the ski I most want to try this winter. (After the Bibby/Blister Pro 190).

  4. One more vote for a flash review. I am currently trying to track down a 100, but wondering if the 93 might be a better fit in my quiver.

  5. I was able to demo the new 93 and 100 underfoot Enforcers, and several other skis at Bogus Basin, Boise, ID. I’m 68, 195, 6’1 and ski as hard and fast as my body allows. I fell in love with the 93 UF Enforcer and bought a pair 177 length. I was not sure on the length, ski 185 Hell and Back’s and 186 Volkl Gotoma’s. I tried the 185 Enforcer (both 93 and 100 uf) and found I was not as comfortable and not as quick as the 177’s. Was worried a little on stability of the 177, but was able to blast down some fresh groomers yesterday. My Ski Track and Stava gps trackers said 75.6 and 72 mph, and rock solid stable, so they passed my test. I was also able to test in just about all conditions, 6″ pow, spring conditions, soft and hard bumps, a little frozen crud, just about everything except ice, and I love these skis. In my demo’s, also liked Armada Invictus 89, Blizzard Brahama 180, Rosi Experience 88, and a few others. Every time I got on the Enforcers, my gut told me this was the ski. Bogus Basin often has firm conditions, so I wanted something in the 88-95 uf range for my next ski. I have some narrower when it really gets hard. I give the new 93 UF Enforcer 5 stars Plus

  6. I also ski bogus. Thinking the 93 is the ticket for next year. I’m 5’9″ 175 lbs and feel like I’m right between the 177 and 185. @ Jim Hudson — Over 70mph!!!! Wow, can’t wait to watch from the lift

  7. @ Jim Hudson

    Did you forget to turn off your ski GPS on the drive home,

    You didn’t ski that fast!

    Those apps don’t work!

    I will be taking out my new E93’s this weekend!!!

    • You’re Not That Fast –
      No I did not leave my GPS on the way home, max speed would be 50.
      You’re welcome to try to keep up with me.
      I use my gps apps on my iPhone for flying, driving, bike riding, and skiing. The speeds are accurate. Once in a while there is a blip, but normally the apps agree within a couple mph. I usually run Strave and Ski Tracks at the same time, they normally are very close to the same.
      Have fun on your E93’s – great ski.

  8. Skied the 93 a few weeks ago and like it but felt like not enough in front of the boot. Too easy to turn and couldn’t lean on it the way I like on all of my skis- felt like they put me on a 177 instead of 185. But in fact I was on a 185cm.

    I’m used to my 177cm monster 88, 185cm hell and back, 185cm supernatural 108, and 185cm influence 115. think they all have a more traditional mount point. Considering replacing my hell and back with the 100 or supernatural w 110. Love my hell and back but they’re dying. Like the supernaturals conateuctiona d stability but the TR a bit long for trees in Deep Temerity.

    Am I the only one who thinks the enforcers would ski better back a few cms?

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