Preview: 2015-2016 Atomic Vantage 100 CTi

Overview / The New Atomic Vantage Series

For the 2015-2016 season, Atomic has redesigned their Vantage series of all-mountain skis with the goal of making the line (in their words) “lighter, stronger and better. So they’re even more effortless and better to ride on-piste, without sacrificing any of their play in the powder.”

From the widest to the narrowest underfoot, the new Vantage lineup contains the following men’s and women’s models:

  • The Vantage 100 CTi
  • The Vantage 95 C
  • The Women’s Vantage 95 C W
  • The Vantage 90 CTi
  • The Women’s Vantage 90 CTi W
  • The Vantage 85 CTi
  • The Vantage 85
  • The Women’s Vantage 85 W

The new men’s skis in the Vantage series are the descendants of the current Vantage Ritual, Vantage Alibi, Vantage Theory, Vantage Panic, and Vantage Rival.

Some of the new skis share the same waist widths as their predecessors, but they all feature new core constructions, sidecut radii, and more directional tail shapes that are less turned-up / twinned – but are still slightly rockered.

(Of the new line, we are particularly interested in: (a) the new, 100mm-underfoot Vantage 100 CTi, which effectively takes the place of the current 103mm-underfoot Ritual, and (b) the new Vantage 95 C, which replaces the Vantage Theory.)

New Core Construction (and some Amazeballs Marketing Terms)

The new Vantage 100 CTi, 90 CTi, and 85 CTi (as well as the women’s versions of the 90 and 85 CTi) all feature an updated core construction with a titanium insert and a new carbon layup that Atomic is calling “Carbon Tank Mesh” – it’s an open-weave carbon mesh laid across the ash/poplar wood core of the ski, as you can see in the photos below.

The Vantage 95 C and women’s Vantage 95 C W also feature the Carbon Tank Mesh, but have no metal in their core construction.

Atomic probably wins the award for Most Ridiculous Product Copy, with their spectacular “Sprocket Power Boosters” (in the Automatic line), and now “Carbon Tank Mesh.” But Sprockets and Tanks aside, we are still very eager to get some of these new Vantage skis on snow.

The new Atomic Vantage 100 CTi

The Vantage 100 CTi has a stout, medium/stiff flex pattern that, at least under a hand flex, seems very even and consistent (the ski’s shovels’ don’t seem much softer than its tails), which, combined with its relatively subtle tip and tail rocker, could give it a powerful, predictable and intuitive feel like that of the current Theory.

And in the category of “Comment that Most Got Our Attention at SIA,” Jake Strassburger, Atomic’s alpine category manager, claims the new Vantage 100 is the best ski Atomic has ever made.

Wait, what??

Since Atomic’s been making skis since the dawn of time, that’s one hell of a claim.

So yeah, we’re curious.


For now, take a look at the specs, graphics, and rocker profile of the Vantage 100 CTi below:


Ski: 2015-2016 Atomic Vantage 100 CTi

Available Lengths: 172, 180, & 188cm

Stated Dimensions (mm):

  • 139.5-100-126.5 (188cm length)
  • 138-100-125 (180cm length)
  • 136.5-100-123.5 (172cm length)

Stated Sidecut Radii:

  • 19 meters (188cm length)
  • 18 meters (180cm length
  • 16.9 meters ( 172cm length)

Stated Weight per Ski: 1,950 grams / ski (188cm length)


Blister Gear Review, SIA Tradeshow 2015
Atomic Vantage 100



Blister Gear Review, SIA Tradeshow 2015
Atomic Vantage 100



Blister Gear Review, SIA Tradeshow 2015
Atomic Vantage 100 – Tip Profile



Blister Gear Review, SIA Tradeshow 2015
Atomic Vantage 100 – Tail Profile



Blister Gear Review, SIA Tradeshow 2015
Atomic Vantage 100 – Bases


17 comments on “Preview: 2015-2016 Atomic Vantage 100 CTi”

  1. Thanks Will! I am on the 184cm Blister Pro and love these things, I ski them every day in Tahoe. However I am looking for a narrower ski for daily all mountain duties. I will have a chance March 15 to demo these at Mt Rose when all the manufactures bring next years gear, What do you think? Maybe the Atomic is narrower Blister Pro? I like the tip and tail rocker profile for trees with the camber for carving and you say stout? I am interested! I like the heavy Blisters they blow up everything, I just hope the Atomics aren’t too light. Exciting stuff…

    • Hey Bruce,

      Tough to say. Just by looking at the skis, I would think the Vantage 100 will feel noticeably more directional than the Blister Pro, but perhaps not. Sounds like you’ll get on them a bit before I do, so let us know what you find!



  2. Looking forward to you review! I like the Ritual, but always felt that a few tweaks could upgrade it from a good at everything ski to a great ski. Up against the new Enforcer, 2016 Cochise and Kastle BMX 105 HP for the ‘firm’ day spot in my quiver next season.

  3. Tested the Vantage 100 cti in a 188cm today in Taos. Conditions were frozen spring snow on the lower mountain groomers. Chalky hard pack in the upper steeps and pockets of old powder left off Highline in the trees. I was able to ski this ski in a real variety of conditions. Jake Strassburger might be right! The ski is the most stable rockered ski I have been on yet, none of that pesky and annoying “rocker flap” at high speeds. I felt like I could run a GS course on the groomers, very stable and trustworthy when laying ’em over and arcing. In the trees they turned quite nimbly allowing me to seek out the last remaining pockets of pow tucked in close to the trees. I have enjoyed my Rituals, but when I got back on them after testing the Vantage 100 I had to back off the throttle a bit to avoid crossing into “rocker flap”. The Vantage 100 is sweet and is now at the top of my wish list when it comes to new skis.

    • Hey Sean,

      Thanks for the input, and interesting to hear – we’re definitely looking forward to putting time on these skis.
      Did the tails of the Vantage 100 feel considerably less forgiving / more demanding through shorter, smeared turns? I would think so, given that it sounds like there’s a good bump up in stability from your Rituals?



  4. One of the best cruising all mountain skis out there. Super fun off piste and a rocket on the groomers. It held and edge really well and so much fun. I’m putting one in my quiver. I ride the Volkl katana and mantra. I really like a ski that can go fast and handle anything.

  5. Hey Will,
    Demoed the 180cm Atomic Vantage 100 in Tahoe today on early morning very firm conditions and two hours later as things softened just a bit. Only did 6 laps so my initial impressions are this. Easy to make tight radius and GS turns. Directional light ski with excellent edge hold (they rip), supportive tails and stable at speed, I agree with Sean (no rocker flap at all). Carving fast turns through cut up gromers though requires more attention than say a set it and forget Belafonte. And its not as damp as say a Brahma. I have a hunch I would like this ski even more in some softer snow. I think you will find this to be a great all mountain ski with some drawbacks, (because all skis have them). Im just curious what you think they are. The ski for me had an artificial feel to it with that carbon tank mesh and titanium, not bad, just a feel im not used to and maybe not sold on yet. Different strokes, I just need to spend more time on this ski in varied conditions before it becomes my daily driver for next season. It’s top of my list as well. Really looking forward to your review on this one.

  6. Demo-ed these twice two weeks apart and loved them. Lightwieght, no speed limit, good pop, any radius turn you want, edges bite….big mountain crud stompers whose “envelope” goes from pow to “mach schnell” on groomers ! For those that want a thiner ski, the 90cti was also great!

  7. I just purchased these guys last week and took them for a run on the weekend in Oz. We have barely any snow at the moment with fairly icy conditions. These skis ate them up with no problems. They dealt with the ice as good as any carve ski – and occasionally when i hit some nice bits they just cruised. They feel light too and were easy to pop off little bumps and even better off drops. And I will finish by saying FAST! Can’t wait to try them on some decent snow!

  8. PS – I have thrown Marker F12 and bought a pair of the AM Rocker multifit skins to take these out the back. Not the lightest skis around but definitely not the heaviest! Looking forward to some touring on them!

  9. Wondering if anyone’s tried both the 180s and 188s to compare? I’m 6′ 200lb, leaning towards the 188s, but curious on differences and how short or long they appear to ski. For reference, I like the 185 Cochise, but need something more agile and less demanding for 45 yr old for everyday use.

  10. Matthew, I would go the 188’s. More stable at higher speeds and felt more solid under foot. I found the 180’s too small. I’m 41 year old male that’s 5’10 180lbs and am an expert skier who has been skiing for 38 years just for your reference.

  11. HI been a couple of year since this ski has hit slopes. I have a set of 188’s in basement for next season but have not yet mounted Warden 13 bindings. Wondering about binding location placement testers have had these at i.e. factory recommended vs fore or aft and results of those and any recommendations you feel appropriate. Thanks.

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