2020-2021 Line Sick Day 94

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Blister reviews the Line Sick Day 94
Line Sick Day 94
Blister reviews the Line Sick Day 94
Line Sick Day 94
Blister reviews the Line Sick Day 94
Line Sick Day 94 — Tip Profile
Blister reviews the Line Sick Day 94
Line Sick Day 94 — Tail Profile
Blister reviews the Line Sick Day 94
Line Sick Day 94
Blister reviews the Line Sick Day 94
Line Sick Day 94 — Bases

13 comments on “2020-2021 Line Sick Day 94”

  1. Any chance you guys got an updated review of these guys?
    I would love to know how they perform in the trees and how they float in powder.

    Thank you

    • Hi Mike,

      We’ll be posting our full review early this season, and we’re also including the Sick Day 94 in our 18/19 Buyer’s Guide, which will be released this week.

      • Thanks Luke!

        In the mean time, would you say that 186cm skis long or short?

        I’ve found a 186 for a really good price onlune, but afraid it might be a bit too long, as I currently ski Atomic fr102 at 188cm, generally quite happy with them, but would like to replace them with something a bit more bump and tight tree friendly + they don’t fit in my roof box by about 1cm

        • I haven’t been on the Backland 102, but based on my time on the Backland 109 and our measured lengths of that ski (the 188 cm Backland 109 measured 185.7 cm long, which happens to be the exact same as our measured length for the 186 cm Sick Day 94), I’d suspect that the 186 cm SD 94 and 188 cm Backland 102 would feel pretty similar in terms of length. I believe the Backland 102 has more tail splay, but the tip rocker profiles seem pretty similar, so I imagine they’d feel pretty similar in terms of how “long” they ski. Without actually having a pair of Backland 102’s in hand, I unfortunately can’t say much more than that, but hopefully that helps.

        • We definitely still think it’s a good option for the right skier (see our writeup in our 18/19 Buyer’s Guide), we just weren’t able to spend more time on it last season like we’d hoped. But it’s at the top of our list of skis to get back on right away during the 19/20 season, so expect a full review this winter. Apologies for the delay — just a lot of skis out there to review!

  2. Hi Luke how are you!
    Im in the market for a pair of skis and I’m considering the sick line 94. Im a beginner, 6.1 tall and 175 pounds. All i want to do is to have some fun on the mountain. Im 37 so freestyle is out of the equation. Would the sick line 94 in 179 lenght suit me? What about the binding mounting point? Any other reccomendations? Thanx and keep up the great work! Its a joy reading your reviews!

  3. Hello Luke how are you, Im after a pair of skis and the line sick day 95 is in my list. Im a beginner and looking for a ski to have fun in the whole mountain. Im 6.1 tall and 175 pounds. Would this skis suit me? I will ski mainly in the resort. Any other suggestions?
    Thanx a lot and keep up the great work!

  4. crap ! my favorite 50/50 skis just died. unexpectedly ruining my quiver… the sick day 94 could be the ticket. here’s hoping you all get to ride these enough to wtite about them. thanks

  5. Hey Luke

    Been waiting for that full review for two seasons now

    Had to go out and try them myself
    Super Fun ski
    Performed well out west as an everyday ski
    Was fairly nimble in the trees and I didn’t find the tail getting bogged down despite the lack of extensive rocker.
    On groomers it’s exactly as described with tons of rebound out of turns.
    I had them in some pretty steep techy terrain up at kicking horse and found them easy to flick around. Performed well in bumps also. The tail is quite supportive.
    Unfortunately as I’m based out east. I don’t think I’d want this ad my everyday ski. With the conditions being what they are I found a ski of this type (blizzard bushwhacker) to get tossed around pretty fiercely in chop. the majority of big snowfalls we get are heavier snow and a light ski like this tends to get knocked around.
    I have to say in those conditions. You were absolutely dead on with your review of the menace 98. I think that it’s the ideal east coast heavy/wet snow ski if you like to play around on the mountain.

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