4 comments on “2019-2020 ON3P Wrenegade 96”

  1. The Wren 96 looks quite similar to the 17/18 Liberty Origin 96 except that it has a more rearward mount point. More similar than the current Origin 96?

    • Best ski ever. I mainly ski trees in east coast and VT while also spending 7ish days out west each year. I have a pair of 108 kartels and previously arv 106’s but dang I never want to use them. My wrens just check every box. The exaggerated rocker profile allows them to punch way out of their width class. These are comfortable in upwards of 2ft of snow and a dream in chop, moguls, tight trees, chutes, cliff drops, and at Mach 7. And fast and durable as all heck and carve like a boss. They definitely ski different than the Jeffrey’s/kartels but they’re not as unforgiving as people make them seem. These are beast mode skis for people who go big. They give you the confidence that if you’re going to die on that sketch line, your skis won’t be the reason.

  2. Hi, is it possible to get a deep dive for this ski? Obviously there are a lot of skis between 95 and 105 under foot fighting for “quiver of one supremacy”. Are there other deep dives where the Wren 96 is included for comparison.

    I noticed that this ski placed near the very bottom in the buyer’s guide for ice performance and was wondering what ski construction characteristics contributed to this? Is it just poor grip compared to other under 100 underfoot skis? In other words would it still be miles better on ice compared to pretty much any 105 + ski?

    What other skis have comparable “pop” or are even “poppier” as well as have a stable/damp ride?

    • Looking at the ski profile pics am guessing the comparatively reduced edge hold would be down to the amount of rocker and shorter effective edge. But better that the Blister experts answer!

      Any chance of a full review of this ski along with the Woodsman and Kartel/Jeffrey. Would be an interesting comparison. As it would with the 2 wider widths

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