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  1. As a 50/50 Touring/Resort pow Ski would you reccomment the 106 or the 99 for the PNW? Main sticks are Enforcer 93s.

  2. How do these compare to the Fischer Ranger 108? I think it would be an interesting comparison as they are similar weight, width, and both are positioned for inbounds and touring setups.

  3. mr. broken record here : any plans to get on the new 99’s ? the new layup sounds like a pretty big improvement. as always, thanks for the info…

  4. Thanks for the great reviews! Can you please offer us a more detailed back to back comparison between the 17-18 QST 106 and 18-19 QST 106?

  5. Hello, I am an intermediate skier 6’5″ but only 170lbs and I have to questions. For use 70% touring and 30% All mountain resort, would you recommend:
    QST 99 or QST 106? And 181 or 188 (considering my weight and level).
    Strictly for use in Utah.

  6. Hello everyone would be a huge help if everyone could give me a little direction on witch skies i should go with. I am 5’11” and 170 lbs. I would like to say I’m a advanced skier but no means expert even tho I have the eye’s, heart, and balls to do some stupid stuff! lol… My line up of skies that I was hoping to get some feedback from and that I’m considering are these.

    Liberty orgin 106
    Head Kore 105
    Salomon QST 106

    all of these skies look like they could be great al around skies for out west making them a 1 ski for all. I probably need help with size too guys. I would probably want to stay at the 10ish size apposed to the 180 size cause i prefer a turner instead of a burner but tell me different cause I just don’t know?

  7. I am 6’8″ 250 lbs 50 year old Colorado skier – advance to expert level that primarily tries to avoid the crowds on the groomers by playing in the bowls, moguls or spacious trees. Love making big turns in the chopped up crud of the bowls all season long and working down a couple long mogul runs during a day on the slopes.
    Would really appreciate your thoughts for me making turns over the next couple seasons on the QST 99 or 106 or the Icelantic Nomad 105. I am a little concern I might overpower the QST with my size not sure if the Nomad is stiffer. I do like the technology in the QST but not sure if that is an advantage for someone my size. I have always admired the Icelantic line but have never been on them, normal size friends seem to really love them.

    Thank you very much in advance for your guidance.

  8. I ski nunataqs backcountry 178 and Atomic snoop daddy 174. After back surgery, I’m now 5’8″ and 190#. As I’m approaching 50 I’m not hard charging as much and really enjoy the tossability of the snoops in the trees with their 20 radius. I ski w teen boys 2 of 3 outski me now and need to keep up!. No parks, no air. Can’t drive the ski as hard, don’t want chatter but weight important for uphill. Want a one quiver to mount to switch bindings here in the Pac NW for days at Meadows resort and backcountry touring that isn’t as extreme as in my youth. Started out thinking Soul7, looked at Enforcer 100 and now stuck between Bent 100s or QST 106. Seems like the top features I need are ability to ski all conditions (pacific nw changes minute to minute) out of bounds/AT, but lively enough to be easily flickable w/ my beat up body in the trees.

    • Hey there,

      I think you’ve got a good group of skis there to pick from. The QST 106 really feels happiest when being driven, so I’d point you toward a ski that likes a bit more of a neutral stance. The Line Sick Day 104 isn’t on your list, but I think it probably should be. It’s quite light and easy to flick around while maintaining a great suspension and versatile shape. I think the SD 104 or the Soul 7 are both excellent skis for how you describe your skiing.

      Hope that helps,

  9. Hey Sam! great review i just can’t wait to feel mines under my boots. If you could help me with a decission it would be really helpfull. Did you feel great with the binding position recomendation from salomon or you would change it?. I would like to put them more to the front as i do 360 and other tricks, but i don’t know if thats going to compromise floatability.

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