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  1. Hi Luke – I am Blister member not signed in – how does this compare to Punnisher 110 re: mount point – you folks did a review of P110 awhile back and I think it was G Altman – is the 3D on P110 have same effect on carving as it does on scrapper ? I think I recall JE not being a fan of 3D.

    • So I haven’t skied the Punisher, but based on its specs and what Garrett said about the Punisher, I don’t think they’d feel similar at all. The Scrapper 105 is super light, while the Punisher was much more of a heavy, stable ski. The Scrapper 105 feels most at home when skiing in a very controlled fashion in good, consistent snow. I would not want to take it out on really firm, rough, or variable days.

      Regarding mount point, I played with it a bit and didn’t notice any major differences when it was mounted at recommended or a few cm in front of the line. None of my qualms with the Scrapper 105 have been with how it carves — it does that pretty well on consistent snow. But it’s definitely not some high-speed charger — I’d consider it more of a touring ski.

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