Deeluxe ID Boot

Deeluxe ID, Blister Gear Review2012-2013 Deeluxe ID Boot


  • Dupont Surlyn Highback
  • Pro Flex
  • Section Control Lacing
  • Power Strap
  • Conquest Outsole
  • Performance Flex Liner

Paired With:

  • Rossignol Experience 163, Rossignol Experience Bindings
  • Rossignol Jibsaw 157, Rossignol Cuda Bindings
  • Rossignol Angus 158MW, Rossignol Cuda Bindings
  • Rossignol Retox 153

Color: CYMK

Size Tested: 9.5

Rider: I ride fast, skate-style, and expect a lot from my boots. I prefer medium to stiff-flexing boots and medium-weight socks.

My Feet: Street shoe size 10.5-11, slightly narrow

My Past Boots: Burton Ion, Burton SLX, Nike Zoom Kaiju, Northwave Decade

Test Locations: Snowbird, Alta, Breckenridge, Keystone, Arapahoe Basin, Crested Butte

Days Ridden: 30+

MSRP $269

Deeluxe is an Austrian company that’s been making boots for more than 20 years, but doesn’t have the public recognition in the U.S. that I think they deserve, especially with riders like Dan Brisse and my idol, Xavier de le Rue, on their team.

Deeluxe describes the ID as the choice of many of their team riders, and as a boot with a “high-performance, freestyle flex.” This description made the ID sound like a perfect boot for me, so I was excited to try it out.


Deeluxe uses a dual lacing system called “Section Control Lacing,” which is complemented by a Velcro power strap. The system is similar to many other zonal quick-lacing systems (e.g., Burton Speedzone, Nitro TLS), with the exception of the locking mechanism. Rather than locking the lace in by hand (which was my first inclination), the rider pulls the laces outward after tightening; this causes the laces themselves to push the plastic locking mechanism down, securing them in place. In fact, it’s actually very difficult, if not impossible, to lock the lace in by hand.

The Section Control Lacing system is very effective, but definitely more complicated than speed-lacing systems like Burton’s Speedzone or Nitro’s TLS.

While some may actually need a demonstration or instructions to be able to use the Deeluxe Section Control Lacing system, it isn’t something that affects the boot’s performance or ease of use after the initial learning curve.

The ID is the first boot I’ve ever ridden with a power strap, and I really liked it. I generally lace my boots with the upper zones slightly loose to allow for more ankle flex, which usually leads to the tongue sliding to one side. The ID’s power strap eliminated this problem completely. It also allowed for a tight calf hold while maintaining the freer ankle flex that I look for.

Jed Doane, Deeluxe ID, Blister Gear Review
Jed Doane in the Deeluxe ID Boot.

The ID wasn’t the easiest boot to get out of, but I did like the large handles on the tongue and liner that made for quick loosening. Overall, I would say the lacing package that Deeluxe offers is on par or better than some industry-standard lacing systems, like Nitro’s TLS, Northwave’s SL, or Burton’s Speed Zone.


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  1. I was just curious what liner you used? Since you can buy the boot with 3 different liners

    Thanks, good review. probably going to buy a pair.

  2. Sometimes i have the problem that one of the locking mechanism opens by itself. Especially while riding the chairlift.
    I donˋt know if it is a problem with the boot or if it is normal with this system?!

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