Remind Solution Snowboard Boot Liners

Remind Solution Snowboard Boot Liner

Stated Features:

Zeppelin Zeerip reviews the Remind Solution Snowboard Liner for Blister Gear Review
Remind Solution Liners
  • Self-forming Technology that molds to each foot, providing more intricate support and even weight distribution
  • Light weight, high performance, responsive, and durable material that provides high energy return and doesn’t break-down
  • 100% organic odor control treatment
  • 4 TECH: Four Layer construction provides shock absorption, performance, durability, and safeguard structural support

Size Tested: 11-11.5

Blister’s Measured Weight: 10.38 oz

MSRP: $95

Reviewer: 6’4”, 180 lbs.

Feet: Size 10.5/11 street shoe (278mm actual length); C+ width (105mm width, weighted); high instep; low-volume heel, ankle, and lower calf.

Boots: Nitro Select TLS, Size 12

Duration of Test: 35 days

Test Locations: Brighton, Wasatch backcountry, Snowbird

I have been riding the Solution Liner primarily at Brighton Resort, Utah, and throughout the Wasatch backcountry since February. Since then, I have logged about 30 days inbounds and 5 days out of bounds, due to the low snowpack and subpar riding conditions. Call me soft, but between school and work I’ve become a fair-weather touring partner.

I selected the Remind Solution liner because they are one of the few snowboard-specific boot liners available. The liners are also some of the most affordable liners on the market, enabling riders with foot pain to get an aftermarket liner without spending upwards of $200, like other options.

My initial interest in aftermarket liners was sparked after the liners in my Nitro Select TLS boots became soft and unsupportive. The boot itself is one of Nitro’s stiffest offerings, and I recognized that it was not the shell that had lost its integrity, but the liner itself.

Fit and Sizing

Out of the box, the liners were significantly stiffer than the broken-in Cloud 9 liners originally in my Nitro Select TLS boots, but they were easy to slip inside the shell. The Cloud 9 liner was stiff initially, but became soft after three weeks or so.

I have a bad habit of thinking my feet are smaller than they actually are, so despite wearing a size 12, I ordered a size 11-11.5 liner.

Upon putting my foot in, I thought the liner would be too small, since my toe was all the way at the end. But the size 11-11.5 ended up fitting well. The toe is made with a three-foam system that has a feel similar to neoprene. The “roomy forefoot” is meant give more balance and stability, but I have always enjoyed a very snug fitting boot all the way around my foot. After walking around in the boots for fifteen minutes, I recognized that sizing down was appropriate for me, though likely not for those looking for more flexibility around their toe.

The flexible toe box enables the liner to form directly to your foot size and shape, unlike a traditional liner that comes pre-formed. This toe box construction is nearly identical to the far more expensive ZipFit GARA Liner ($409) toe box. The Solution liners are meant to mold to your foot and ankle over a short period of time and retain its shape without packing out, but can be heat molded if you feel the need.

One thing I would have liked to see in the liners is an interchangeable tongue. Competitors like ThirtyTwo offer aftermarket tongue stiffeners, while Vans offers swappable tongues with varying degrees of stiffness in the Cirro boot.

I think providing a solid-fitting liner as a base and then enabling owners to choose their own stiffness would be a huge improvement. I would classify the liner as a 6/10 on the stiffness scale out of the box. It is not exceptionally stiff, but it is responsive and immediately gave new life to my boots. If stiffer tongue inserts were available, I likely would have gotten stiffer ones to use when riding more aggressive lines or when riding at Snowbird.

Lacing System

The Solution uses a pull string lacing system with a sliding lock system. The Nitro boot had its own interior system that was nearly identical, creating two interior lacing systems in my boots.

With both lacing systems competing for space, the one thing I had to make sure was that the slider component did not end up resting on the top of my foot, as the exterior lace pressure would press it down onto the top of my foot and cause immediate discomfort. As long as I was aware of this when lacing my boots, and made sure the pull cord was not resting on the top of my foot, it was not an issue.

Zeppelin Zeerip reviews the Remind Solution Snowboard Liner for Blister Gear Review
Remind Solution lacing system

In general, I am not a fan of quick-draw lacing systems, be it interior or exterior. In my experience, traditional laces offer more customization and the ability to cinch down tighter than any other system. So I would love to see a traditional lacing system in the Solution.

The Solution’s quick-draw system can be tightened reasonably well, but when sliding down the locking mechanism, it is difficult to get it completely tight, leaving some slack and allowing the liner to loosen slightly.


35 days is not long enough to come to a definite conclusion on the durability of these liners, but the only issue I have experienced with the liners is that I ripped off the slider tab for the lacing system while tightening the boots. Given that I am extremely rough on my gear and break boards, bindings, and boots like it’s my job, I’ll take the blame for this one.

After just 30 days of riding, my stock liners were completely blown out and offered little support, while after 35 days in the Solutions—the majority of which were wet spring skiing conditions—they are still holding strong.

Comfort (!)

After long inbounds days and full days of touring, the Solution liners were still as comfortable as my tennis shoes. I would often put them on when leaving the house and keep them on driving down the canyon. They’re that comfortable. I like a semi stiff liner for park riding and for touring, and the Solution fit the bill perfectly for both.


I primarily rode Brighton and the Wasatch backcountry, and across the board, the liners were comfortable and supportive. The liner is medium-stiff, and again, I found it to be well-suited for both park and backcountry riding. It’s responsive enough for arcing high speed turns, yet soft enough for spinning in and out of rails.

My riding is pretty varied—some days I am hiking rails, others I am touring Mt. Superior. So having a ‘Do It All’ liner is quite important for me, and the Solution has worked great in every situation I’ve tested it in.

Bottom Line

The Remind Solution Snowboard Liners gave new life to my beat and broken boots. They were comfortable right out of the box, and have held up to 35 days of riding so far. Of course, a custom-fitted liner may offer a more precise fit, but for the price and convenience, the Solutions are a solid option.



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