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  1. Is there a ski that you prefer over the soul rider in the exact same category? I’m looking for a twin-tip, all-mountain ski that is slightly plus or minus 100mm for riding out west. I split my time 50/50 on and off-piste and I am 5′ 11” @ 170 lbs – thanks for your time!

  2. Hi Jason,

    Thanks for the Soul Rider write up. I’m interested in getting your opinion on these skis for my son. He is 13 years old; 5’10” tall’; and 120 lbs. We ski in Tahoe (Squaw & Alpine). He gets ~40 days per year. He is not on race teams or any all mountain team – but can ski with those kids…meaning he’s pretty good but doesn’t have the east coast / race form to really drive skis from the tips. He likes to ski the entire mountain in all conditions: powder; crud; hardpack; trees; chutes; etc. We’re looking for a 1 ski quiver for him as he’s still growing and I’d like to get 2 seasons out of skis for him. Our thoughts are for a 90 to 100mm underfoot twin tip as for his weight that should work fine in powder (especially the dense powder we get in Tahoe) and for the hardpack / icy bumps we get. Based on your write up, the Soul Rider seems to really fit the bill. What are your thoughts give the above info and are there any other skis you would recommend? Thanks for all you help. It’s greatly appreciated.

  3. I demoed these early season last year and I felt that they quite a bit worse on roughed up groomers than you make them out to be. From my experience “Isn’t the most confidence-inspiring” would seem like a bit of an understatement. It wasn’t hard to find the speed limit of these skis, and shutting them down in a tip-flapping, chattery death slide is not an experience that I would like to go through too often.

  4. Great write up. Thanks a lot for all that you do. Not sure if you guys have been on these skis yet, but how do the Soul Riders compare to the Praxis Piste Jib? I’m looking for something to round out my quiver that I can use to ski bumps, in the park, and trees when there’s not a ton of fresh snow, but still some soft spots. Thanks.

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