Volkl Nanga Pants


The Nanga is a warm, insulated pant without any vents, and was perfect for Niseko. I generally run a little cold, but with my usual two pairs of long underwear, I wasn’t cold once—not even after standing for an hour in the driving snow and wind at the bottom of the lift, where I, for some reason, had volunteered to wait after we lost someone in our group (ahem, Editor-in-Chief). Although I needed to swing my arms constantly to keep warm, my legs were nice and toasty.

The Nanga held up well against both wind and wet snow. Although I didn’t have the chance to test the material’s waterproofness in the rain, it snowed almost every day in Niseko. I never experienced any problems with snow soaking through, and they stayed just as warm throughout the day.

Julia Van Raalte, Volkl Nanga Pant, Alta Ski Area.
Julia Van Raalte, Wildcat Bowl, Alta Ski Area.

The Nanga is ideal for cold weather climates, so it shouldn’t be surprising that the lack of vents was slightly limiting in warmer weather. Because I do run slightly cold, I was comfortable on the average day wearing only one light pair of long underwear under the Nanga instead of my usual two, but on milder or hot days, I got warm fast. The Sensortex membrane material Volkl uses was breathable, so I would cool down eventually, but there were times when I would have appreciated more airflow, something to keep in mind if you run warm or are looking for pants to use in warmer conditions.

I tried touring several times with the Nanga and got pretty sweaty—at one point I actually took the pants off and was touring in just my long underwear. The Nanga pant thrived in Niseko, but it is probably not the best choice if you’re spending more time in the backcountry.


After almost a full season, I am generally quite happy with the Nanga Pant. I have received many compliments on the mountain about their color and style, with several people asking, “Are those really Volkl pants?”

My first concern is how well they will hold up for several more seasons, since I am already noticing some tearing in the cuff guards. And second, although I appreciated their warmth on the colder days, it would have been nice if I could have also used them on warmer days so as not to have to invest in a second pair of cooler pants. (I think vents would be a nice addition.)

Otherwise, the Nanga is an extremely comfortable pant that comes in a fun variety of colors and will keep you warm on even the coldest days.

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