7 Generations Film — Kickstarter Campaign

Public lands — and how they’re managed — have been a hot topic lately. And right now that conversation is being vehemently debated in northern Minnesota, where two proposed sulfide-ore copper mines have received a lot of attention for their potential impact on the nearby wilderness areas, including the Boundary Waters Canoe Area and Lake Superior.

Two filmmakers, Tom Deschenes and Andrew Bydlon, have been working on a film that details the history of the region, its relationship with Minnesota’s mining industry, and the potential impact of the two proposed mines. The film will be called 7 Generations, which Tom and Andrew explain as follows:

“The name of our film comes from the ‘7th Generation Principle’ taught by many Native American tribes, including Northern Minnesota’s Fond Du Lac Tribe, who have been at the forefront of the opposition to these mines since the mines were first proposed. The principle states that in making every decision, be it personal, governmental or corporate, we must evaluate how it will affect our descendants seven generations into the future.”

Tom and Andrew say they have already completed much of their filming and research, but have turned to Kickstarter to help cover for the cost of the rest of production so that the film can become a reality.

We’d encourage you to check out their Kickstarter Campaign to learn more about their project and the issues at hand. And if you’re interested in donating, they also have a bunch of great pledge rewards, from fishing and paddling gear to full-on guided trips.

Check it out.

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