Full Stack Supply Co. (Faction Skis & FW Apparel) Announces New Ski Boot Brand

Full Stack Supply Co (parent company of Faction Skis & FW Apparel) announces they are launching a new ski boot brand
(boot shown is *not* from the new brand; no images have yet been released)

Today, Full Stack Supply Co., the parent company of Faction Skis and FW Apparel, announced that they will be launching an all-new ski boot brand set for release next year during the 2022-2023 season.

Details are still very limited, but the fact that we’ll be seeing a new ski boot brand is very noteworthy in itself. I can’t remember the last time a completely new ski boot brand was launched, and especially compared to the ski market, the ski boot market is one that generally sees far fewer new players.

Given that, we’re very curious to see what this new brand ends up looking like, and what sort of boots they end up producing. We will provide updates as we receive more info before the release next year, but in the meantime, you can read the full press release below:

Full Stack Supply Co. (FSSC) announces new outdoor footwear brand for winter 2022/23

November 01, 2021. Full Stack Supply Co. (FSSC), parent company of Faction Skis and FW Apparel, is excited to announce the launch of a new technical footwear brand set for release in fall/winter 2022. A new generation of freeski boots harnessing the energy of freeskiing culture will be the first product for the brand.

“It feels like the ski boot industry needed a bit of a kick — innovation in materials and footwear have advanced massively, and yet most boots are still uncomfortable, while style seems to have peaked 20 years ago,” says CEO Alex Hoye. “We wanted something that we could get excited about, especially for freestyle, freeride and free-touring. We developed our vision with some of the great minds in ski boot development and street footwear to bring to life a boot delivering great performance, sustainable materials and reflecting form as well as function.”

FSSC’s talented team on four continents and a track record of brand-building provides a perfect launch platform, as Head of Hardgoods Daniel Tanzer explains: “Our plan is to inject much-needed excitement into the ski boot landscape. We feel lucky to launch a brand with the
fundamental goal of reducing our environmental footprint from inception. A blank canvas has enabled us to implement unique, high-performance solutions.”

Tanzer indicates that early testing and feedback has been exciting, and the R&D process will expand this winter to a wider group of athletes, retailers and press contacts, ensuring a truly collective development of the final product.

FSSC has yet to release any information regarding the name or branding of this new project.

Full Stack Supply Co. and Faction Skis are headquartered in Verbier, Switzerland. FW Apparel is spearheaded from Annecy, France. FSSC is distributing globally via warehouses, expert in-house sales teams and operations across four continents. The company is comprised of an independent group of skiers, snowboarders, mountaineers, artists, filmmakers, engineers, partners, dreamers and doers, united by a love for the mountains and the world’s finest outdoor equipment.

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12 comments on “Full Stack Supply Co. (Faction Skis & FW Apparel) Announces New Ski Boot Brand”

  1. I’m conflicted, I need new boots this season but these are sounding interesting. Curious to see how different they’ll end up being from traditional boots

  2. I always look forward to hearing about new boots , but it is very hard and expensive to develop a new boot , it seems like a lot of companies use existing boot mfg to make them , more of a re branding rather than a new . Wishing them success in finding the holly grail of boots !

  3. I would also guess that they maybe bought old FullTilt molds which will not be used under K2 anymore, also there is a rumor regrind rosa shells.. lets just hope it won’t be like the boot from this Denver located free ski brand 8 years ago… Interesting action when you consider that making boots costs a lot of money and you need a lot expertise (listen to the boot talks with Matt on gear30 and you know). I understand that Kästle is coming with boots, they are aiming for the world cup, but for full stack, interesting move… closing the gap that FullTilt will leave (only Dalbello as a more or less free ski boot brand). Let’s see who gets more information on this project faster. Race is on guys…

    • Yeah, the prohibitive cost involved in making new ski boots makes this particularly interesting. As soon as we get more info and are allowed to discuss it, we’ll be sure to do so.

  4. You actually are closer than you think. I just saw the following press release on Facebook (which makes it impossible to share a link). A bit light on details:

    Denver, Colorado (November 5, 2022) – Inspired by the resurgence of backcountry and freeride skiing, Full Stack Supply Co is proud to announce two Ski Boot Lines under the Full Free ™ brand. The Full FreeRide ™ line targets the traditional downhill, sidecountry freeride crew with a comfortable, responsive boot with Full Flex(tm) bellows and three piece designs. The Full FreeHeel ™ line fills a huge gap in telemark boot landscape with the lightest NTN compatible boot in industry. Both lines will feature Dynafit compatible inserts and the FreeRide line will provide a GripWalk sole. Five FreeRide models and one FreeHeel are planned for 2023.

    “I am overjoyed to develop boots which complement Faction Skis ™. One plus one is three in this case. When we heard the Full Tilt/Raichle boot molds were available, we jumped at the chance. Then magic happened when we realized the Flexon(tm) bellows worked perfectly for telemark. The 3 piece technology is like nothing else, and a new patent is pending for the novel application to a freeheel boot.” said Alex Hoye, Full Supply CEO. “I’m truly grateful that Alex and his team are carrying the torch on these wonderful boots” said Jason Leventhal, the original manager of the Full Tilt brand at K2.

    • “You actually are closer than you think. I just saw the following press release on Facebook (which makes it impossible to share a link).”

      I saw their press release. It’s under facebook, newschoolers, november 1.

      I think the part about NTN is a fiction. To paraphrase H.P. Lovecraft, “The fevered imaginings of a broken mind”!

  5. Ok well holy crap, if they’re really making this new telemark NTN boot, they can probably just shut up and take my money now. That’s great news, and the Full Tilt / Raichle style boot makes a lot of sense for the kind of flexiness we want out of a tele boot.

    2022 is the year of the telemark resurgence? :-)

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