RMU Launches New 2025 Ski Collection

RMU announces 2024-2025 ski collection; BLISTER discusses the new and updated skis
2024-2025 RMU Ski Collection

RMU just launched their 2024-2025 ski collection, and it includes several brand-new models, tweaks to some of their mainstays, and several other updates.

We’ve been testing several of the new skis, and if you’re a BLISTER+ member or have our Digital Access Pass, you can check out our Flash Review of the new RMU Apostle 106. We’ll be posting First Looks and Flash Reviews of some of the other skis in the future, and we’ll be discussing several of them in our upcoming 24/25 Winter Buyer’s Guide, so keep an eye out for all of that.

In the meantime, below are the details on the new models and changes; for full specs and info on the entire lineup (rather than just the new products), you can head over to RMU’s website.

RMU Launches New 2025 Ski Collection, BLISTER

2024-2025 RMU Apostle Skis

The Apostles have long served as RMU’s unisex all-mountain series, and they’ve made a few changes for 24/25. (RMU’s women’s all-mountain series, the Valhallas, carry over, just with new graphics.)

For starters, RMU tweaked the core and flex pattern of one of their best-sellers, the Apostle 106 (which is also a personal favorite of mine; see our review of the previous version for more). The Apostle 106 maintains its poplar wood core and beech mounting plate, but they reportedly extended the wood core outward and tweaked the flex pattern to make it “more progressive from tip to tail,” with the goal of making the ski more predictable and more stable overall. The rest of the Apostle 106 stays the same (e.g., shape, rocker profile, mount points, etc.).

RMU announces 2024-2025 ski collection; BLISTER discusses the new and updated skis
2024-2025 RMU Apostle 106

The Apostle series also gets a new model, the Apostle 114. It’s very similar to the previous RMU North Shore 114, but features the same core and flex pattern updates as the new Apostle 106 to achieve the same goal of making the ski more stable and predictable. As with the narrower Apostle skis, RMU is also offering a lighter, more touring-friendly version, the Apostle 114 Carbon.

RMU Launches New 2025 Ski Collection, BLISTER
2024-2025 RMU Apostle 114

The rest of the Apostle collection returns constructionally unchanged, just with new graphics and very slight naming tweaks (the metal-laminate versions now have “Ti” in their name, rather than “Pro”). The constructionally unchanged Apostles include the Apostle 96, Apostle 96 Ti, Apostle 96 Carbon, Apostle 106 Ti, and Apostle 106 Carbon.

RMU Launches New 2025 Ski Collection, BLISTER

2024-2025 RMU Professor Skis

The Professor 121 is RMU’s freestyle-friendly, deep-snow pow ski, and for 2024-2025, it gets a narrower sibling.

RMU announces 2024-2025 ski collection; BLISTER discusses the new and updated skis
2024-2025 RMU Professor 111

The new Professor 111 is meant to serve as a very playful ski for soft-ish conditions in the resort and/or backcountry. RMU says they wanted to “take the best from the old YLE 110 and Professor 121” and combine them to make a freestyle-friendly model that’s more versatile than the wider Professor 121.

Similar to the wider Professor, the Professor 111 features a more symmetrical shape and rocker profile than the more directional Apostle models, and a fairly low weight (~1950 g / ski @ 188 cm) to keep it feeling nimble and practical if you want to do some human-powered skiing.

RMU Launches New 2025 Ski Collection, BLISTER

2024-2025 RMU Zephyr

Lastly, RMU is adding a brand-new model to their collection, with the 88mm-wide Zephyr serving as a piste-oriented carver.

The Zephyr’s shape is a whole lot less tapered and more directional than RMU’s other models, and in line with that, it reportedly features a “low-rise” rockered tip and flat tail.

Like many of RMU’s other skis, the Zephyr features a poplar wood core, beech mounting plate, 8.5 mm ABS sidewalls, and pre-preg fiberglass layers. But the Zephyr adds two sheets of tapered titanal for added edge grip and stability.

For reference, below are some of the basic stated specs for the Zephyr; RMU’s other 24/25 skis are already live on their site, but the Zephyr will be available later on.

RMU announces 2024-2025 ski collection; BLISTER discusses the new and updated skis
2024-2025 RMU Zephyr


Available Lengths: 168, 176, 184 cm
Stated Dimensions: 132-88-116 mm
Stated Sidecut Radii: 15.7 m (168 cm) | 16.5 m (176 cm) | 18.5 m (184 cm)

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Luke Koppa reviews the RMU Apostle 106 for Blister
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  1. What are your thoughts on the new Professor 111? Hopefully someone has had the chance to ride them this season!

    • Hey Josh,

      We did infact send a Professor 111 to Blister so they will definitely have a review coming. I can tell you during our internal testing that the Professor 111 has become a favorite with our athletes and employees.

    • Yep, we got a couple days on it; not enough powder time for a Full Review this season but we will post a Flash Review this spring and it will be in our 24/25 Winter Buyer’s Guide.

  2. Prof 111 sounds interesting as well as the Zephyr and the Butterknife, sounds very niche but also a hoot in the right conditions

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