Switzerland Votes Cycling into Their Constitution

If reading about global political news generally has the effect of making you feel depressed and / or disgusted, then you may be heartened to learn about a recent vote in Switzerland.

On September 23, 2018, almost three-quarters (73.6%) of Swiss voters elected to add cycling and cycling infrastructure into their country’s constitution. The result will be more unified regulations and standards surrounding bike paths, and an entire new unit in the Swiss government that will help coordinate the initiative.

Switzerland adds Cycling, Cycling Infrastructure to their Constitution; BLISTER

The primary goals of the initiative are to counter the issue of overcrowded public trains and buses, reduce emissions, and increase the safety of cyclists.

This is good news, and will hopefully move Switzerland further in the direction of other countries like the Netherlands and Denmark, where bike commuting is engrained in the culture and is a staple of everyday life.

Furthermore, we are hopeful that this referendum by the Swiss people will encourage more countries, states, cities, and communities around the world to take steps to make cycling an increasingly accessible, common, and safer transportation option.

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Switzerland Votes Cycling into Their Constitution, BLISTER
Switzerland Votes Cycling into Their Constitution, BLISTER

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