Cy Whitling’s Mountain Mix Coloring Book

Some of you might have seen Blister reviewer Cy Whitling’s art around the web — or maybe on a custom pair of Blister Pro’s, or on this Blister doodle he drew up a while back.

Cy Whitling draws the Moment Blister Pro
Cy’s art brings a fun, lighthearted take on the great outdoors, and now he’s bringing that art to his new Mountain Mix Coloring Book.

While coloring books aren’t revolutionary, we’ve never seen one specifically aimed at people who enjoy playing around in the mountains. I’ve had a chance to check out the book, and can vouch that the drawings are awesome, the quality is very good, and I’m excited to dive in and attempt to revive my illustrating skills from many years ago.

Cy Whitling's Mountain Mix Coloring Book on Blister
An example of one of the many drawings in the book.

So whether you’re interested in one for yourself or for a nephew, niece, son, daughter, etc., check out the Mountain Mix Coloring Book.

The book is currently on Kickstarter, and funding closes on April 25th. So check out the Kickstarter project here for more info on the book and other rewards like hoodies, stickers, t-shirts, or even a custom page in the book itself.

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