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John Nestler reviews the NRS Outlaw II inflatable kayak, Blister Gear Review.

NRS Outlaw II Inflatable Kayak

Inflatable kayaks provide a forgiving ride for beginners, but can also be used for long self-supported expeditions. The NRS Outlaw II is a versatile IK at a great price point.

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Thomas Neilson reviews the ZET Kayaks Director, Blister Gear Review.

ZET Kayaks Director

The ZET Kayaks Director is a high-performance creeking machine for big boaters, but needs to be paddled aggressively to perform at its best.

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John Nestler reviews the WRSI Trident, Blister Gear Review.

WRSI Trident Helmet

With excellent sun protection and a lightweight carbon shell, the WRSI Trident is an excellent choice for guides, instructors, and those paddlers who spend their time in deeper rivers. But see our notes re: fit and coverage.

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Julia Van Raalte reviews The Golden Spruce, Blister Gear Review

The Golden Spruce

One of our favorites, The Golden Spruce is a beautifully written book that deals with ecological terrorism, a fascinating mystery, and the magical location of Haida Gwaii.

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"Living the Best Day Ever" by Hendri Coetzee, Blister Gear Review.

Living the Best Day Ever

Johannes Hendri Coetzee’s book was published posthumously after his death on the river. But his journals reveal much more than a daredevil trying to live the best day ever, every single day.

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David Spiegel reviews the ZET Raptor, Blister Gear Review.

ZET Kayaks Raptor

The ZET Raptor is the most fun and versatile medium creek boat that we have paddled, blending speed and tracking with maneuverability and control.

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