Random Review: The Earth

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As you read this, you are on a planet that is moving through space, around the sun.

You probably know this.

But on the outside chance that this is actually news to you, then (1) Really??? How did you miss this? (2) You’re probably a park skier. (3) I’m honored to be the first to fill you in.

(Totally kidding about #2.)

So the earth is traveling around the sun, and everybody knows this, even if some people only heard about it a few seconds ago.


Do you know how fast the earth is traveling around the sun? Which is also to ask: Do you have any idea of how fast you are going right now?

I bet you don’t.

I didn’t know until about a year ago. Then I started asking other people whether they knew. Nobody did. I’ve probably now asked about 200 people, and nobody has known the answer. That’s crazy, because the number is mind blowing.

So why don’t most of us know? If there was one thing that every single one of us should have learned in school, it’s probably this number.

Why aren’t we thinking about it all the time, talking about it all the time, when the fact is that, right now, you and I were fortunate enough to get a free ticket on an absolutely spectacular ride around the galaxy?

The Earth, Blister Gear Review
The Earth, Moving Real Fast.

You need to know how fast we’re going.

The answer’s on the next page.

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  1. So, “summer slump” also exists on blister (yet, lot’s of fun to read and definitely going to “go pro” my next morning coffee or red bull…)

        • Yep. A number of them, actually. As for the Armada Declivity, we haven’t skied it yet, but when checking it out, the ski that it reminded me the most of was the 13/14 Volkl Mantra, if that Mantra had more tip rocker and a more tear-dropped shape tip (cf. the Scott Punisher).

          So we’d still like to ski it, but weight-wise, it honestly seemed like a tweaked Mantra that Armada is touting is a backcountry ski. Not that there is anything wrong with that – and I’m psyched to see a company be like, “Screw it. We made our BC ski heavier because we want it to ski well in rough conditions.” But figured that little bit of info might be of interest to you & some others.

  2. Great article! I knew it was fast but not that fast. Next time I see you please quiz me. I will not forget 67K MPH. Another fun fact that you should consider for your top 3 list is time is relative. When I first learned that fact from Einstein I had to put the book down. It absolutely blew my mind. Thanks for sharing, and great article once again.

  3. That’s pretty fast, Jonathan. But it’s the fact that our acceleration equals 0 that keeps us from flying around, even more amazing.

    And where are the rocker profile pics? You guys are slacking.

    • Ha. And we didn’t even get a “BLISTER’s Measured Weight,” either. Definitely slacking.

      The constant speed part of all this is definitely amazing. “Doing 67k like it’s nothing.” That the ride never gets bumpy, so we do stay put – 100% of the time … just seems like there ought to be an occasional hiccup (with catastrophic consequences). Hmmm, might have to bump the Mayans out of the top 3, too.

  4. Jonathan, never would I dare disrespect the earth…and to the big pow ski review – it is awesome and the pictures make you want skip summer (although there is currently really none in Europe with 10 degrees celsius and constant rain even in Spain…)

  5. Your list should include these guys: http://theoatmeal.com/comics/mantis_shrimp

    And the speed of light. And quantum electro dynamics. And the fact that we have all been through two supernovae. And science. Without science, we would be oblivious to all the other things. Except the Mantis Shrimp. We would not understand what makes it awsome, though. And likely have thought it was some kind of demon. And have been right in that assumption.

    • Good call, Simen. Mantis Shrimp are definitely amazing little demons, and definitely deserve to be on the list. (And that comic is the greatest thing to ever be posted on the Internet.)

      I have a weird take on the speed of light: it’s too fast to even begin to wrap your head around it. It’s a little too incomprehensible. My brain just goes to static. Plus, we’re not flying around on light in the way that we are flying around on this really big rock that’s going 67,000 mph. So all due respect to the speed of light for sure, but the speed of the earth wins my personal little vote.

      And can “science” really be on the list? Wouldn’t you have to instead go with The Scientific Method? Or cognition?

  6. Jonathan, thank you for sharing that amazing fact, 67,000 mph is mind boggling. Octopuses, Time, Speed of Light, Temples, Pyramids all make you stop and think, holy sh_t, truly amazing. I will pass it on.

    Two feet of uncut Pow ranks up there.

  7. Lets not forget that we are dragging the moon around with us at the same rate. However, the Moon orbits Earth at a speed of 2,288 miles per hour (3,683 kilometers per hour). During this time it travels a distance of 1,423,000 miles (2,290,000 kilometers). More geeky facts.

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