Reviewing Portraits of Climbing Legends in “The Climbers” (Ep. 8)

Photographer Jim Herrington’s new photo book The Climbers is an undeniably compelling portrait collection of many of the most influential climbers of the 20th century, including Fred Beckey, Yvon Chouinard, John Gill, Cesare Maestri, John Long, Jeff Lowe, and many more. Grand Prize Winner at the Banff Book Awards, The Climbers serves as an important tribute to those who paved the way for the sport as we know it today. Dave and Luke take a close look at the pictures and review clips from Luke’s interview with Jim.

Jim Herrington's book, "The Climbers" on the All Things Climbing Podcast on Blister
Fred Beckey by Jim Herrington


  • Dave and Luke discussing the style in the photographs (1:20)
  • Luke’s interviewing incompetence (3:51)
  • The origin of “The Climbers” (4:50)
  • The Fred Beckey portrait (7:05)
  • Are these photos about decay? (9:30)
  • Jim’s response to theme of morbidity (10:00)
  • Dave’s response to theme of morbidity (12:15)
  • Luke’s response to theme of morbidity (14:50)
  • The role of the book in the climbing community (17:05)
  • Outro (19:00)
  • Outtake (19:36)

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