BLISTER Survey Winner Announcement (and a pretty great story)

Sometimes, random results are also beautiful results.

On the fourth of July, we used a random number generator to pick the winners of our BLISTER Reader Survey Drawing.

When it came time to get a number for the winner of the MOMENT Tahoes or Night Trains, we hit the “generate”‘ button, and the number 107 popped up.

We looked at our list of phone numbers and email addresses, scrolled down to #107, and sent a note off to inform the person on the other end of the account that he had just won a pair of skis, and we wanted to know where to send them.

Yesterday morning, we received this reply:


Holy smokes, that’s awesome!

I’m a local to Northern California, so it’s just an extra plus to get some skis from a Tahoe company. In terms of the skis, I’ll take the 186 Moment Night Trains.

And as it turns out, the skis will actually be going to a friend (Chris Dettore) who a bunch of us were planning to buy skis for this fall. Last December, Chris got T-boned on a motorcycle by a car that ran a stop sign. The injury was so bad that he almost lost his leg.

But through some incredible reconstructive surgeries, the doctors managed to save the leg, and it looks like Chris will be back to almost 100% by late fall.

Chris is a really positive guy and I think he will be beyond stoked about this. So, thank you guys for bringing some good news to Chris, and good karma all around!  I’ll send you guys some photos of Chris (and the leg) after he gets on the skis.

Anyhow, thanks to everyone at Blister and I hope you guys can keep up the strong reviews for a long time!

All the best,
John Naliboff


Of course, we don’t deserve any thanks—credit goes to the random-number-generator button.

But we are really glad to learn about Chris, to hear of his remarkable progress, and to know that these skis are going to someone who is certainly going to appreciate being on the mountain.

Furthermore, we are really grateful to be able to witness John’s generous gesture. So thanks, John.

And Chris: you clearly have some pretty great friends. All the best to you from all of us at BLISTER, and here’s hoping for a complete recovery.

We’re definitely looking forward to seeing those photos of you back in the mountains, shredding.

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  1. Chris here.Thanks to John and to Blister! Wow! I have the greatest friends on the planet, and am a hell of a lucky guy. See you on the mountain next year. Be safe.

  2. And all I got was a Blister sticker . . . But I’m still stoked and will pimp it proudly! It’s been a cold, wet summer here in AK (well, we really haven’t had a summer yet) which means another awsome deep pow season could be developing! Fingers x-ed.

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