Kokatat Women’s Polartec Power Dry Liner

Choosing a Onesie (like the Liner) vs. Separate Fleece Layers

Priced at $170, the Liner is one of the most expensive onesie liners out there. Immersion Research’s Union Suit and Stolquist’s Bunny Suit both retail around $100, while Level 6’s Woman’s Hot Fuzz onesie at $89.99. As I mentioned above, I think I would be more likely to wear the Liner in a wider range of temperatures and conditions if I had a smaller size that didn’t leave me inclined to layer up underneath it, but a onesie s is not going to be as versatile as two independent layers, and thermal fleece tops and bottoms can be found in the $50-$70 price range.

Still, I am a fan of one the onesie Liner because I don’t need to worry about the annoying “back gap” that can be exposed when two separate top/bottom layers become separated/untucked underneath your dry gear. In my mind, factors like that and the Liner’s relief zipper make spending the extra cash for the onesie more justifiable.

Jane Koopman reviews the Kokatat Polartec Power Dry Liner, Blister Gear Review
Jane in the Kokatat Power Dry Liner, Madison Wave, Kennebec River, ME. (photo: Adam Swett)


So far, the onesie has held up very well. After 35 days of testing, the fleece material hasn’t thinned out, and is only slightly pilled between the legs. The inside is still fuzzy, and the zippers still zip without a hitch. I’ll be sure to update this review if any issues arise.

Bottom Line

If you’re going to be spending a lot of time in very cold conditions on the river, the Kokatat Polartec Power Dry Liner is worth some serious consideration. You may decide that opting for two separate insulating layers works better for you, but when it comes to comfort when layering under a dry suit and the convenience of having an insulating layer with a relief zipper, the Liner’s onesie design is hard to beat.


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