Q&A with Dave Turner, Turner Bikes

Dave Turner has been in the game a long time. From racing XC and DH in the early days to now running around with a cyclocross bike on his shoulder in the winter and hitting enduro-style events like the Downieville Classic, he’s making bikes with a solid foundation in the past and with eyes always focused on what’s ahead.

His name adorns the downtubes of some of the most revered mountain bike frames in downhill and trail bike history. Turner frames were also regularly chosen by downhill teams in the past who were sponsored by other frame makers.

I got a chance to sit down with Dave on his way back from the Downieville Classic last autumn to pick his brain a bit. If you’ve ever spoken with him on the phone about your Turner bike, or been lucky enough to get a ride in with him, you know he needs no one to speak for him. So rather than even try, I’ll just get out of the way.


The story behind the Burner.



Why bother making a downhill-specific bike?



On the importance of events like the Downieville Classic.


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