2013-2014 Moment Bibby – Rocker Pics

2013-2014 Moment Bibby, 186cm (will also come in a 176cm and 192cm length)

Dimensions (mm): 145-120-136

Sidecut Radius: 23.5 meters (192cm = 25.5 meters; 176cm = 20 meters)

Core: Aspen / Pine

You can now read our review of the new Bibby.

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2013-2014 Moment Bibby Pro, Blister Gear Review
Moment Bibby Pro



2013-2014 Moment Bibby Pro, Tip Profile, Blister Gear Review
Moment Bibby Pro – Tip Profile



2013-2014 Moment Bibby Pro, Tail Profile, Blister Gear Review
Moment Bibby Pro – Tail Profile



2013-2014 Moment Bibby Pro, Topsheets, Blister Gear Review
Moment Bibby Pro – Topsheets


17 comments on “2013-2014 Moment Bibby – Rocker Pics”

    • Just was A / B – ing the rocker pics of this with my 190 Bibby Pros. If there is a deeper tip rocker line and a shallower tail rocker line, the differences are pretty subtle. Possibly less splay in the tail, but that rocker line looks pretty close to my eyes. Main thing for me, however, is what small modifications Moment might still make to the new Bibbys over the next several months….We’ve seen that before.

  1. Any details on the flex pattern? Is this just a minor tweak to the classic bibby? Little more waist, length and slightly tweaked rocker profile?

  2. Hey Jonathan,

    First of all I want to say bravo on your input and reviews. I always look forward to logging onto Blistergearreview.

    It looks as though the industry is heading in the direction of paulownia wood cores i.e. soul 7 and Exit World to name a few. What is your thought on this?

    I wish Moment would have used paulownia in the Bibby for 2014 to lighten them up a bit.

    Thanks, Erik

  3. With all the praise the Bibby Pro gets from you guys, I wish I could find a place to demo it, but no such luck. The sidecut profile on this new one looks pretty similar to the K2 SideSeth. Have you guys had a chance to try it out?

    I demoed about 10 different 115-120 mm skis this year, looking for something that will float, charge well enough and handle variable PNW conditions. The SideSeth came out on top. Felt more stable than the Rocker2 115 and Automatic, and way more maneuverable than the Bodacious. YMMV, but I’m definitely a fan.

  4. No demo just buy. Finally got a bibby a few weeks ago and never demoed. Could not be happier. It defines the playful charger. Pivot. Float. Charge. Carve. Bibby smash. It’s a fantastic ski. Already eyeing next years wider version as another addition. Truly a western one ski quiver.

  5. Can not wait until you can get out on these. Would love to compliment my 187 belafontes with the new 192s for some deep days in little cottonwood

  6. Hey All,

    I’ve done some recon on the ski and wanted to chime in for those waiting (dying) to hear about this year’s model. There is more nose and less tail rocker in this year’s version compared to last year’s, which one can pick up visually from the photos and from hints in the video on Moment’s website. Specifically ( I’ve confirmed w/ Moment – awesome, polite, & knowledgeable guys), on the 192s (I didn’t ask about other lengths) the rocker contact point in the tip is 48cm back versus 40cm on last year’s 190cm, i.e. approximately 3.2 inches MORE tip splay. In the tail, the rocker starts 40cm back versus 44cm last year, so in sum the cambered section, contact point to contact point, is 4cm (1.6″) shorter and less centered on the ski making for quicker (shorter camber section) and more directional charging. The amount of camber is also slightly less at 5.5mm on the 192s and the mounting point (factory rec) is -6cm from True Center. Same stiffness, which they rate 8/10 (ditto for last year). It’s a brilliantly designed ski in that there’s just enough camber for stability in variable or heavier snow, but the cambered section does not take up a large percentage of the length of the ski (like Automatics) still making it nimble in tight spots or trees, from what I gather. In short, Quickness, Stability, AND Float. Essentially the innovators at Moment appeared to have eliminated the minor cons of the previous model, making what was already sooo dialed even better. I, like many of you, am stoked to hear Blister’s review and get some real beta… that would be the final and necessary stamp of approval, and 1000x more informative than anything I could ever write here, but I just wanted to fuel the stoke in the meantime while we wait. Any insight as to mounting points would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

  7. Looking at these for a hard charging ski but can still be nimble, any thoughts on how the new bibby being more powder orientated has affected chargingg ability??

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