4 comments on “2013-2014 ON3P Jeffrey – Rocker Pics”

  1. Have you or anyone from blister skied the current 110mm Jeffrey? Although marketed as an allmountain jib ski, I have heard it has quite a little bit of a “backbone” and should therefore also attract more directional skiers…I have just spent a week on a pair of 184 moment death wish’s and was pleasantly surprised (although Will’s review makes me curious to also ski the 190) about the variety of conditions they do well in. I could imagine the Jeffrey’s would even be a little more of my taste in this category of playful skis that can also “charge” a little…

    • @Hannes

      I’m not from Blister but I just got a pair of these skis and after 4-5 days on them I can say that your assessment is pretty accurate. They are still playful, but definitely more directional (I feel like the recommended mount point at -4 from true center really helps) than a lot of Rocker-Camber-Rocker skis. My only real basis for comparison is the Surface One life, and while those could flip around on a dime they just didn’t really feel good pointing down a steep line to me. The Jeffrey’s love the steeps and pretty much everything else. They also have a fair amount of weight to them which I feel adds to the directional nature of the ski.

      Highly recommend you try them if you’re interested.

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