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  1. Jonathan,
    I just made the purchase, Super 7 180cm, im 5’8″ 165lbs and could ski the 188cm, but wanted some manuverability. After a disappointing season on the Noodle S7, I think these maybe a big improvement. On inspection the tip has a less abrupt rise than the S7, and has much more torsional stiffnes. In addition, the tail is wider, stiffer, and flatter than the S7. Although this ski is probably on the south end of a medium stiff ski, I think the torrsional stiffness will make a big difference and help with deflection and balance issues in chop. Even my Sickle I can torsionally flex the tips with one hand, not these. Great guys at the shop said Rossi has a perfect fit guarantee so if I think these are too soft I can bump up the 188cm or the Squad in a 180cm. Would really like your feedback.
    Thanks Jonathan.

  2. Hi Jonathan,

    I’ve bought a pair of these in the 188cm length and was wondering if you’d be willing to take a run at the mounting point for touring (with a set of Dynafit’s)?

    I’m lucky enough to live in the Kootenay’s in British Columbia, where we of course only ski powder ;-)

    I weigh in at 195lb, am 6′-0″ tall and prefer to ski old school, fast, bigger radius turns when the opportunity permits. That said, we’ve gotta a lot of trees around here…

    Hoping to get the mount right the first time – for once!

    Thanks in advance,

  3. Hi,

    Great website, amazing job, sincere reviews!! The only of its kind.

    Just wondering whether you are planning on a full review of the Rossignol Super 7 2013 any time soon.

    I am about to get a ski with about 110-115 underfoot and the decision is not easy. Seems like there is a bit of a generation gap between this ski and the Atomic Automatic and Salomon Q115 hence my interest.

    Thanks and keep on going!


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