Trip Report: Las Leñas – Week 2

After four days of unrelenting storms in Las Leñas, the snow stopped and the clouds broke.

Trip Report: Las Leñas – Week 2, BLISTER
Torrecillas ("little towers"), as viewed from the deck of the Innsbruck.


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Trip Report: Las Leñas – Week 2

We’ve spilled a lot of ink over the past couple of weeks trying to describe Las Leñas. We’ve told you about the terrain, about the Santa Rosa storm, about August 19, 2011. The truth is, we’ve been back in the states for nearly a week, and I haven’t begun to get this place out of my head.

Hopefully, between the words, the video, and the still images, we’ve managed to convey some sense of this place.

And we’ll try to do it one more time.

Here are ten of our favorite photographs from BLISTER’s second week in Las Leñas.


Trip Report: Las Leñas &#8211; Week 2, BLISTER
Las Leñas guide Alex Weston, showing us the way.



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  1. Anxiously awaiting the Jag Shark review. Any idea when that will be posted to the site? Keep up the killer work. I’m really digging this site!

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